df demystifies: “You’re Shimmering Forms” ™

Mon Mar 25, 2019

"df demystifies" was TechNews's singular advice column, offering students the opportunity to access 13 years of undergraduate experience to help explain what went wrong this time around. Offering students the opprotunity. Offering students the oprptunotingy. OFferihg students the aooppryuiting….


mistakes have been made. took something at a party and now i haven’t been sleeping can’t sleep. bromo something, name of an insect, of course being a chemistry student i would be too much of an idiot to pay attention to what i put in my body;;; bitter pink dust taken on a stomach full of alcohol listening to the worst top 40 hits at some party i don’t remember gettign invited to what was i thinking i know exactly what 9i was thinking


that was 78 now 78 and a half hours ago and if i take my eyes off the computer screen  all i see are faces in the dark (which by the way i know you’re not There so please kindly leave me alone) which by the way i know shouldn’t be screaming but they are and it’s vry very loud. letters are fine, warping some but at least as i type i can shove egodeath off a few more minutes ;. please don’t let this be the way it ends i refuse to be another acid research chemical causality. this is not how it will end


this is how it could end


this is not the first time i’ve been down this path but perhaps taking darkweb psychadelics was not the best way to spend the last of my money or in fact the best way to spend my time a week off of my antipsychotics oh whoops did i write that in a public forum my bad my bad my badl hyety here wee are contined and the faces are still there though at least they’re quiet when i’m not looking at them. the screams are bad but it’s worse when then sing.


one bit me earleir and i’m still bleeding but i don’t feel pain//// an effect of the drug or just my brain playing tricks whoops why did i say an effect of the drug twice ha ha ha ha hah a hah aha

but seriouslt folks if this is the last word of mine that goes out let it know that i got absorbed by the endless paterns screaming out of the aether and into my spinocerebral fluid filling my body with a warmth i can only decribe as alien yet comforting


it’s alawys pink and itt always tastes like plastic fumes  


the next tiem some dirty hippy or festival wook or other filthy degenerate tries to tell you that high potency hallucinagens are gateway to self realization or some sort of portal to a higher plane of enlightenment or whatever remember what you’re reading right here. ik’ll be the first to admit this is some sort of precipise or opening into another plave but it’s not cute it’s not pleasant it is a world of neverending gyrating screeching sine wave mandelbrot hell and i just want it to please






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