LEGO set review: Berlin (set #21027)

Copy Editor
Wed Apr 18, 2018

After two semesters of scrounging, collecting, and reviewing, I have finally finished my collection of LEGO Architecture skyline sets with the addition of Berlin (set #21027). First released in 2016 alongside Venice (set #21026) and New York City (set #21028), the Berlin skyline set is officially retired from LEGO production, but the myriad of secondhand sellers available online mean that the set is still very much accessible to any aspiring skyline collector. Featuring the eponymous capital and cultural center of Germany, this set brings its own unique take on a very storied city dating back to the 13th century.

            As the modern-day capital and historical center of Germany, Berlin has seen numerous wars, revolutions, a physical and political division in two, and a more recent reemergence as a leading economic node. In the miniature version of the city in this LEGO set, the iconic structures of the Reichstag, Victory Column, Deutsche Bahn Tower, Berlin TV Tower, Brandenburg Gate, and the Berlin Wall are all scaled down into LEGO form - perfect for display on any shelf or desk.

            The LEGO Berlin set is on the smaller side for skyline sets, containing a total of 289 pieces and taking approximately 40 minutes of building to complete. The design of each building is rather intuitive, without much in the way of complicated building techniques like the larger skyline sets oftentimes have. Each of the city’s structures come together rather intuitively, simple yet with enough detail to make their resemblances clear. Perhaps most unique about this set is the inclusion of three specially-printed pieces made to resemble portions of the Berlin Wall. Each of the three wall panels has its own unique graffiti design, one shows a tunnel opening, one shows a simple city skyline, and the last shows a design of green arrows. All three of these pieces are exclusive to this set, making them a rarity in the LEGO community.

            Once the set is fully assembled, the endearing details within each structure leave little room for misidentification. The use of grate and column pieces, as well as the transparent dome on top of the Reichstag, the alternation of white and gold pieces on the Victory Column, the smooth facade of Deutsche Bahn Tower, the iconic red and white alternation on top of Berlin TV Tower, and even the statues on top of Brandenburg Gate are all faithfully captured in this LEGO representation. As with every other skyline set, the endearing strides made to capture the more nuanced details of the city’s structures lends itself to a deeper appreciation for the build and design quality and further adds to the set’s aesthetic appeal.

            The complete LEGO skyline collection, featuring Chicago (set #21033), New York City (set #21028), London (set #21034), Berlin (set #21027), Venice (set #21026), Shanghai (set #21039), and Sydney (set # 21032) are now proudly on display on top of the shelves within the TechNews office - all the more reason to consider joining our team!

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2018 - Spring - Issue 14