Swimming and Diving Team Ready for Nationals

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Sun Feb 20, 2011

This weekend, the Scarlet Hawks Swimming and Diving team travelled to Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to compete in the 2011 Liberal Arts Championship Swimming and Diving meet. The team brought 7 female swimmers, 17 male swimmers and 2 male divers to compete in the meet, which ran from Thursday to Saturday. On Saturday night, the team left with the men’s team in second place out of 9 teams, and the women’s team in sixth place out of 11. Diving coach Ryan Nelson also left with the Male Diving Coach of the Meet award.


The meet started off with the 200 yard freestyle relay. The Women’s team of freshman Abby Maze, Aimee Dewante, Jillian Hamada and junior Melanie Koto took 6th with a final time of 1:45.13, while the Men’s team of freshman Yoni Pruzansky and sophomore Michael Keane, Eric Grunden and Max Ramminger took 2nd with a final time of 1:27.16. In the 500 yard freestyle, Maze finished 15th for the Women’s team with a final time of 5:42.53, while junior Keiji Halloway took 11th for the Men’s team with a final time of 5:13.29, and Pruzansky finished 4th for the Men’s team with a time of 4:51.96, a ten second drop from his prelim swim time, and a national qualifying time by six seconds. Junior Morgan Curran placed 9th for the Women’s team in the 200 yard IM with a national qualifying time of 2:16.39, and Dewante took 5th, also with a qualifying time of 2:13.42. For the Men’s team, freshman Arya Mohaimani took 15th (2:03.53), while freshman Michael Bodzay took 14th (2:03.44), Grunden took 10th (2:02.47), and freshman Felipe Bergh placed 6th, making the national qualifying time by a second (2:00.45). In the Women’s 50 yard freestyle, Hamada took 16th with a 26.32, and Koto took 13th with a qualifying time of 25.96, while on the Men’s side Ramminger placed 1st with a 20.76. Junior Jeff Reilly took 6th overall for the Men’s 1 meter diving with a score of 278.70, and sophomore Ian McNair placed 1st, with a final score of 474.20, breaking the 6 dive IIT record score and resetting the Coe College pool record for 11 dives. The last event of the evening, the 400 yard medley relay saw the Women’s team of juniors Andrea Zuniga and Julia Duarte, Dewante and Hamada take 5th place with a final time of 4:14.10, while the Men’s team of Bodzay, Grunden, Halloway and Ramminger took 2nd with a time of 3:34.43.


The second day of the meet began with the 200 yard medley relay, with the Women’s team (Hamada, Duarte, Curran and Koto) taking 5th with a time of 1:57.99 and the Men’s team of sophomore Matthew Rosenfeld, Grunden, Halloway and Ramminger blazing to 1stplace by less than two tenths to beat Lindenwood’s relay (1:35.23), with a final time of 1:35.04, and just two seconds off the IIT team record. In the 400 yard IM, Curran finished 6th overall with a time of 4:51.15 for the Women’s team. On the Men’s side, Bodzay took 1st (4:09.73), Muchna took 4th (4:21.98), Bergh took 5th (4:24.38), and Mohaimani took 8th (4:37.23), all way under the National qualifying time. Hamada finished 11th in the 100 yard butterfly, with a 1:03.31, while Dewante took 5th with a qualifying time of 1:00.50. Senior Mark Callan took 10th for the Men’s team with a qualifying time of 54.47, while Halloway took 4th with a 51.46. Maze took 9th in the Women’s 200 yard freestyle (2:04.50), while junior Tomasz Chojnacki took 12th in the Men’s (1:53.48), and Pruzansky took 3rd (1:42.79), just a second off the IIT school record. In the 100 yard breaststroke, Duarte took 7th with a 1:12.79 for the Women’s team, while sophomore Jeff Grindel took 11th (1:04.71), Keane took 6th (1:01.42), Grunden took 4th (59.72), and Ramminger took 1st (58.24). In the Women’s 100 yard backstroke, Koto and Zuniga took 4th and 5th, finishing apart by only four hundredths, with national qualifying times of 1:03.73 and 1:03.77 respectively. For the Men, freshman Joe Lakner finished 11th with a 56.97 and Rosenfeld took 9th with a 55.64. In the Men’s 3 meter diving, Reilly took 5th with a score of 248.64, and McNair placed 2nd with a score of 477.32. In the last relay of the evening, the 800 freestyle relay, the Women’s team of Maze, Curran, Dewante and Koto took 3rd with an 8:17.72, and the Men’s team of Keane, Muchna, Bergh and Pruzansky took 4th with a time of 7:17.56.


The last day of the meet began with the longest event, the mile, in which Maze placed 13th for the Women’s team with a final time of 19:51.11, and Mohaimani took 16th with a 19:12.93, while junior Ryan Tapak took 14th with a time of 19:01.52. Zuniga took 4th in the Women’s 200 yard backstroke with a final time of 2:16.99, and for the men’s team sophomore Peter Lao took 15th (2:15.36), Lakner took 14th (2:11.06), Rosenfeld took 10th (2:04.13), and Bodzay took 2nd (1:56.27), only a second away from the longest standing IIT record (set ten years ago in 2001). In the Women’s 100 yard freestyle, Koto took 10th with a qualifying time of 56.13, while in the Men’s junior Dylan Maus took 16th with a 51.31, Pruzansky took 9th with a qualifying time of 48.40, and Ramminger took 1st with a 45.77. Duarte took 16th for the Women’s team in the 200 yard breaststroke with a 2:49.83, while Dewante took 7th with a qualifying time of 2:35.50, and Keane took 10th for the Men’s team with a 2:23.78, Grindel took 7th with a 2:23.84, Bergh took 4th with a 2:16.29, and Grunden out-touched Lindenwood’s Ryan Chaney by five hundredths for 2nd, finishing with a 2:14.03. In the Women’s 200 yard butterfly, Curran took 3rd with a national qualifying time of 2:19.85, while Halloway took 6th in the men’s with a 2:01.84, and Muchna took 4th with a 1:59.12, both qualifying times as well. In the last event of the meet, the 400 yard freestyle relay, the Women’s team of Maze, Zuniga, Dewante and Koto took 4th with a final time of 3:45.16, while the Men’s team of Grunden, Pruzansky, Keane and Ramminger took 2nd with a 3:09.22.

The team now has a week in which those swimmers that qualified for nationals can train and get ready for the biggest meet of the year, which will be held March 2-5 by Lindenwood University in St. Petersburg, MO.

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