Scavenger Chapter 9

Technews Writer
Sun Mar 18, 2018
Chapter 9

The two siblings watched their surroundings warily, while Daedalus went through his mental map of the area. It had been several years since he had come this way with his father, and he wanted to be sure that the door he would knock on will be the right one. It wouldn’t do to go knocking on the wrong doors in this area.

Daedalus glanced at his little sister. Calypso looked out of place in the shadows beneath the abandoned train tracks, a ray of beautiful shining light in a world of smog and dust and dirt. She sensed him looking and glanced up at him. “What’s up, Dae?” She asked curiously.

Daedalus smiled. “Nothing,” he said.

Calypso gave him a weird look. Then she shrugged and kept on looking around.

Daedalus sighed inwardly, worried about her. But there was nothing he could have done, nowhere she could have stayed, and Caly was safer at his side, rather than anywhere else. He walked a few steps forward, grabbed her hand, and moved to a little red door he remembered from all those years ago.

He breathed in. Then he knocked with his free hand. Three sharp raps, just like his father had done. The door creaked open after a moment, and Dae could see a little metal chain hanging on the inside. “What do you want?” A male voice asked.

“Hello. I have something you want.” Dae replied confidently.

“And what is that? Who are you?” The voice inquired.

Calypso gripped Daedalus’ hand a bit more tightly, uncomfortable with the voice, the street, and the sense of danger she felt by just being so far from home. Daedalus squeezed back reassuringly. “My name is Daedalus. You did business with my father several years ago. I have an item that is similar to the one he showed you. May we come in?” Dae tried to be polite, hoping manners might give the siblings a way out of the street.

The voice paused for a moment, and a single filmy brown eye could be seen in the crack between door and doorjamb. It considered Daedalus and Calypso. Apparently deciding the youth and child meant no danger to him, the brown eye retreated, and slammed the door shut. The sound of chains rattling and locks turning resounded through the street, overly loud in the ears of Daedalus and Calypso in the strange silence of this part of town.

When the door opened, Daedalus strode in with no hesitation, dragging his sister by the hand. She had to run to keep up with his long-legged walk. Almost before she was out of the way, the man in the doorway slammed the red door shut. He quickly started turning locks, and replaced the chain.

As the man worked on making his home impenetrable again, Daedalus took him in. The buyer had dark brown hair that lay limply on his head, and looked as if it had been a while since he washed his head. He was wearing a blue shirt and a pair of jeans, oddly pristine. He also wore a pair of shining black leather shoes.  

The house looked smaller to Daedalus. But the faint smell of smoke, and the grey paint on the walls took him back to the day his father had brought him here, the day he learned about the moon.