Our life on a spaceship: the future of mankind

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 11, 2019

As the world keeps on progressing day by day, new technologies are enabling us to explore new opportunities that will help mankind in a variety of ways. Researchers and scientists are always coming up with new ideas and a new application of sciences that would enrich everyone’s life on a daily basis. Not only is the medical field exploring new opportunities of how a human being’s life can be saved, but also there are various industries striving hard to up the ante and make life better. But then we all wonder, "these new advancements are coming at what cost?" The Earth’s natural resources.

Natural resources are being exploited by human beings at such an alarming rate that our next generations would not be fortunate enough to get the benefits that we are getting right now. Time capsules are being considered by everyone to store a small part of the resources for the further generations, but would that be sufficient? Will these efforts suffice the needs of the generations that would be yet to come in this world? Let us not forget the natural calamities that we all go through or the end of the world phenomena that we faced some years back. What if it really comes… "The Doomsday"… Are we really prepared for it? The film "2012" rightly showed us how exploiting natural resources at an alarming rate would affect everyone connected with it.

The film, in the end, depicted how in order to save mankind, some important people of the world, flora, and fauna were taken from all over the world and stored in a humongous thing which was referred to as a spaceship. Just wondering for a second here…what if the doomsday arrived and we had to leave the surface of the Earth and stay on the spaceship forever?

This phenomenon is not far, for the fact is that at the rate at which we are consuming resources from Mother Nature, we would have to leave Earth and look out for new opportunities. Just as depicted in the movies, aliens consume the resources of a planet, look out for new ventures on different planets and travel on their spaceships, would we be the next ones to do the same?

During my childhood, I remember watching a cartoon series called "The Jetsons," wherein it is shown how technology has become a part of every human being's life. There is no ground, as in, there is no surface of any planet. Everything is shown hanging in the air. Be it the buildings, any playground, or workplaces, all of them are in the air. But the best part I was excited about was the mode of transportation shown in the series. Spaceships, or what I would call flying cars and buses, helping people to move from one place to another is a phenomenon that is not far away even today. But yet again, as shown in the cartoon, people lived in a controlled environment where everything was hunky dory. We are always challenged at all times and thinking of living in a spaceship; all your life would be one thing that people would definitely not be excited about.

Just to give us all a teaser about living on the spaceship, we had this movie called "Wall-E." It showed the involvement of all technological stuff like robots controlling everything that a human being would like to have. Too much dependency on the robots had made all the humans obese because everything was available at fingertips. There was nothing to do on the spaceships since there was hardly any space to do anything. The crux of the movie was in the fact that everything in the spaceship was controlled by a small single sapling which kept the whole world alive in the spaceship. The movie ended in a way that no one could have predicted; the sapling was saved and replanted on the Earth’s surface, which gave new life to the planet.

Yet again, this was all animation. Let’s take real-life scenarios. Astronauts undertake various space missions for years and years, leaving their families behind and they have all the resources to sustain them for the time they are in space for a mission. We all know it is their job to undertake such missions, but have we ever wondered their feelings, their excitement when the mission is complete, and when they have to head back home? Why are they happy to head back home? For practical purposes, they are living on a spaceship, defying gravity and so many challenges. The simulations that they have to go through, the fitness levels that they should possess at all times, and the food that they have to eat brings me to one simple and thoughtful question: are we all prepared to leave the surface of the Earth and live forever in the spaceship with so many constraints?

I would definitely hope that we don’t have to leave the Earth’s surface and live on the spaceship forever. For that, I believe we should start making conscious efforts to utilize Earth’s natural resources. It is easy to say all this, but the real question arises how all this will be done. Countries uniting and working on a common goal without self-interest would be the best option. I wish that it was this easy to follow but we can always try to weigh our options. Would we want our future generations to see the Sun once in a while? Would we not like them to experience this beautiful Mother Nature? I would not vouch for this plan of settling on the spaceship forever but yes, a trip around the solar system (I believe the trip to the moon and back is in planning stages), I would definitely look forward to. The future of mankind should not be on a spaceship but rightfully on planet Earth.




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