The outcome of cyber crash at British Airways

TechNews Writer
Mon Mar 01, 2021

In the previous articles, I wrote about the event study, investigation, and results of this cyber-attack at British Airways. Now let’s take a deep dive into the minor observations and some of the results done on this cyber-attack at British Airways. British Airways had to clear a huge penalty imposed on them.  Around 1.8% of the total turnover was the penalty amount for the British Airways. At that time the stock in London had dropped to 1.36%. It changed from 450 to 446 in a short duration of time. This led to a very huge loss for the company and the current stock market value at that time in London too.

Now let’s take a deep dive into the observations done on the cyber-attack at British Airways There has a huge loss on a day to day basis in terms of the data breach. This malfunction and cyber-crime are still happening with a good security assistance, method, and PCI compliance as well. The increase in number of audits every day and increase in addressed risk is leading to difficulties in handling everything. It’s too late for the organizations and company to take right actions to revert the malfunction or the cyber-attack and get things in place again due to decrease in the amount of early suspicion. All risks should be continuously evaluated and taken care of. Risks should not be neglected at all. They should be totally prioritized according to the need. In order to resolve such high-end risk problems in any company or organization, the security team must be up to date, well qualified and extremely alert. All the external web components should be reviewed by the security team in any company or organization.

Auditing of data should be done on a frequent basis along with some verification of all the confidential and important information. Organizations must invest some money in Threat Management System. The websites and mobile applications should be kept updated all the time. When things are kept outdated, it can be easy for the hackers to leak the information from the loopholes. Notifications and alarms should be taken care of. Therefore, data protection can be achieved by investing into some advance security systems.




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