An overview of the spring 2019 Career Fair

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 18, 2019

The Career Fair for the spring semester is around the corner, so here are some useful insights which will help you prepare for it. The fair is divided into two days separated by general industry groupings. On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, Day 1, the participating companies will be from computer science, information technology, business services, government organizations, nonprofits, military, and search firms. On Thursday, February 28, 2019, Day 2, the companies will be from engineering, industrial technology, architecture, and natural sciences.

The detailed list of companies can be found on "The Fairs App," which consists of company description, industry type, employment type, table number, and all the other information about the participating companies.

Prior to the Career Fair, our career services team at Illinois Tech conducts a "Career Fair VIP Program" for grooming students for the fair and providing those students who attended this program exclusive access to companies prior to the commencement of the fair. Students who complete the requirements for the VIP Program will receive a special ribbon designation on their career fair name tag and their resumes will be added to an exclusive resume book given to all the recruiters. In addition to the VIP program, Career Services along with the Office of Campus Life sets up "Clothing Closet" for borrowing clothes for the Career Fair and invites a professional photographer to take professional portraits for students and alumni a week before the fair for free.

Below are a few important tips to prepare for the career fair:

  1. Shortlist and prioritize the companies you wish to target and do thorough background research about the company, jobs on offer, and visa restrictions (especially for international students).
  2. Prepare a good elevator pitch covering your academic, non-academic, and professional experience to create a great first impression with the employer.
  3. Be prepared for an impromptu interview, there is a chance that you may have to face the first round of interviewing on the spot. So brush up your skills and be ready at any time.
  4. Keep your resumes handy all the time. Make sure you take enough printouts of your resume for handing it over to your list of employers. Make sure your resume is up to date with all the current grades, contact information, and relevant experiences and project work.
  5. Make sure you have a significant presence on your professional handles like LinkedIn, GitHub, etc., with your most current details and a recent photograph. Do not forget to mention the same on your resume.
  6. Ask questions about the company, their work, and the roles on offer and try to make it an open-ended interaction with the employers.
  7. Ask for business cards, or any kind of contact information just in case you need to follow up with the employers after the Career Fair. Expand your network.
  8. Be confident. Wear a smile! All the best. 



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