Persistent Belief in Success

TechNews Writer
Mon Jan 23, 2023

Sometimes, we all will be in a situation where we put ourselves under so much pressure knowingly or unknowingly for even a simple thing. Be it studies or job or any other work, we need to make ourselves prepared for everything. Life may be easy for some, but not for all! So, it is fine to face obstacles and come out of them, as they help us to shape ourselves into a better person. Now, we are in the recession time, we are seeing many people getting laid off from their valuable jobs, which they thought is the main source of income. Some people find it much more difficult to accept the situation as they serve as their family's breadwinners.

Every time I open any of my social media apps, the first post that pops up in my feed is the layoff posts. It is definitely not easy to accept as one won’t be in a position to take up or even think of the worst part of the situation, as it takes time to heal and get out of it.

Thinking of the older times in getting a job, gives me goosebumps. Back in India, I was in my final semester attending my placements. When companies visited my university for placements, on one side, nervousness was hitting me hard with the thought of cracking the interviews. While on the other side, I would also feel to be in a joyful position like my friends with offers in hand. Every single time while taking up an interview, I was longing to clear all the rounds and waited to taste the success. Despite facing lots of rejections, the unrelenting hope helped me to push myself forward in having two job offers in my hand.

So, in some way or the other, there might be something good waiting for us in the future. If something good slips out from your hand, console yourself with the thought that something fortunate is about to happen. Finally, I would like to finish with a positive note, if one starts to cultivate hard work, constant effort and a "never give up" attitude, then achieving our goals becomes simple.



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