Loving is hard sometimes

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 15, 2021

What are you afraid of asked love

You I confessed

Disappointed love said,

I am patient

I am kind

I am not jealous or boastful

I am not arrogant or rude

I am not irritable or resentful

I believe in all things

I hope in all things

I endure all things

I am everlasting

I listened but said,

I love the idea of you

But your reality isn't so true

You are difficult to find

You are hard to trust

You are hurtful sometimes

You are messy

You are blind

Are you really meant for everyone?

You're sometimes just a myth too

Some chemical imbalance in my mind

You leave sometimes with aches that can't unwind

Leaving with an emptiness inside

Ouch said love,

but worry not dear

I am not as complicated as you make me seem

I am simple

I am an easy choice

I am in every part of your existence

I am that familiar hug you like

I am that warmth you feel in your heart

I am that home you sense in your comfort

I am always around

I will find you in your darkest and make you feel alive

I bring soothing comfort and shine

Have a little faith dear and walk by my side

Hold on to my hand and see the beauty that resides

To this I said,

I am unfamiliar with your promises, love

But I will bite

With a tad bit of faith I will make you mine.



Appears in
2021-Fall-Issue 10