Playlist: I don't feel like coming to the phone

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 29, 2021

And as I took another drag, I sat there pondering things that I can't fully recall. My vision is blurry, and my head is spinning. My memory Is hazy, but there is still a ways to go. Snowfall hasn't come, and sleep neither, but as long as I am awake, I can absorb the peace around me. Thank you if you've listened to any of these playlists this semester. I'll see you all next year. Happy holidays!

"Ring Ring" - Juice WRLD, Rvssian, Clever

"I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" - My Chemical Romance

"99 Red Balloons" -  Goldfinger

"Life of the Party"  - Andre 3000, Kanye West

"We are Nowhere and it's Now" - Bright Eyes

"Spanish Sahara" - Foals

"Jumper" - Third eye Blind

"Trouble" - Cage The Elephant

"Truce" - Twenty One Pilots



Appears in
2021 - Fall - Issue 11