Public Safety's escort services and me

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 14, 2022

I sometimes feel that the Illinois Institute of Technology Public Safety has blocked my contact number. You may ask why? Well, they never attend my calls for an escort for some reason (yes, I checked and outgoing calls are not barred on my device). Every single time, I have to use someone else phone to call public safety for an escort service, and then they might pick up. It might sound like a joke, but it is not, I am serious. More seriously, I think Public Safety’s escort service here at Illinois Tech works more according to their comfort than our safety.

Thanks to the app Citizen, I am always alerted by the number of crimes occurring on a daily basis in and around Bronzeville, and I freak out when I see some of these incidents (like getting shot by paintballs, last semester's mugging) happening within campus perimeters. Yet to avail of the escort service, most of the time I have to walk all the way to Herman Hall or Paul V Galvin Library. That is the part I want to be escorted to. If I am brave enough to walk up to the library after dark why will I even need an escort service to go home which is further east (just a couple of blocks from McCormick Tribune Campus Center)? 

I will state some incidents and will let you be the judge to if they should revise the ways Public Safety's escort service works. It was 09:00 p.m., a cold and stormy winter night, my friends and I had come back from downtown by the Green Line and wanted to go home. The thought of walking home in that stormy evening with possibilities of any incidents happening gave us chills. We called Public Safety and requested for escort service from the 34th street Green Line station to home, and they agreed. We waited for almost 15 minutes, no vehicle, I then tried calling them back to enquire about the estimated time, no response. After another 10 minutes a Public Safety vehicle pulls up, we had to request this person to escort us and this person goes on to ask his “supervisor,” who suddenly remembers that we had called earlier and gives a green signal for this person to escort us. How can they totally forget that four students had requested a ride and were waiting in this harsh weather on their word? 

The other incident happened during the finals week, last semester. Being a graduate student, or for that matter, any college student requires some long hauls. We were sitting up late in the lounge at Rowe Village (trust me this is the best place to study) and trying to get those crazy math equations in our little brains. After our study/struggle session, we realized it was already 11:25 p.m., and one of my friends wanted to get back to her room at Gunsaulus Hall. We suggested she call public safety and request an escort service from Rowe village to Gaunsaulaus Hall. They responded by saying that she had to go all the way to Paul V Galvin library, and only then they would escort her to Gunsaulus Hall. How does this even make sense? Do they really care for students' safety or do they care for their comfort of picking up from a central point?

It would be really great if the management could revise how Public Safety’s escort service works. I personally want me and my peers to feel and be in a safe environment and not be in an environment where they have lost hope in management's efforts to uphold students' safety and security. Some of my friends even skip some late evening in-person classes because they are worried about their safe return home. I wish that changes and I get to attend class with more students attending in-person.



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2022 - Spring - Issue 4