Puran Poli, a mouthwatering Maharashtrian dessert

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Mon Nov 09, 2020

The dessert that is the amalgam of Maharashtrian taste, culture, and festivals all in one is nothing but called “Puran Poli”. The significance of this dessert describes the beautiful evergreen state of India that is Maharashtra, as the ingredients mainly used in Puran Poli such as jaggery, Bengal gram, and sugar are originally made in Maharashtra itself. It not only holds the tag of mouthwatering dessert but also consists of a lot of nutritional values.

Puran and Poli, these two words define the dish in such a way that Puran means the stuffing that goes inside the dessert and Poli means the outer covering of the dessert which is a circular flatbread. The dish is made in other states as well but the names vary. Whatever they may call it, the basic method and few major ingredients such as Bengal gram, jaggery, and cardamom remain the same. Basically, the Bengal gram is boiled and then mixed with jaggery forming a paste which is the Puran and a wheat-based dough is prepared to make Poli. Later, some amount of Puran is stuffed inside the dough of Poli and it is roasted in a pan from both sides until golden brown.

During every festival in Maharashtra, Puran Poli is the mandatory dessert of the meal. Talking about the nutritional values of Puran Poli, jaggery helps in improving digestion and relieves constipation, while Bengal gram helps in improving digestion and is rich in essential vitamins and fibers. This dish is more beneficial for health during winters in India as it provides the right amount of nutritional value to our body in a cold environment. There has been much research to understand the health benefits of this dish.

Now not only in India, but this dish has made its way overseas and people of various countries are trying to give their own touch to it and make it more delicious. In all, this dessert is a sign of happiness for the people of Maharashtra because it is the one definite reason that brings all family members together at the table and has their food with loads of happiness.



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