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Mon Mar 01, 2021

I am a huge fan of quotes and I'm not sure why. Even if I had to assume, they'd be condensed experiences that remind us that we're not the only ones to get through those feelings or circumstances. They are chunks of knowledge which have been extracted from many other past situations that can correlate with our own experiences or motivate us to step in those directions.

I've recently come across a quote from James Clear (the writer of Atomic Habits) that essentially summarizes what I'm attempting to do with my one-line life. And it's fantastic! It encouraged me to start gathering quotes that are important to the vision which I have for my life and the project that I am creating. I would like to help individuals accomplish their goals in life and consciously plan their lives. I'm also attempting to achieve my ambitions and model the life that I want. It's certainly a trip of exploration. I believe quotes can be helpful for this. They create a sense of understanding and, at the very same time, of connection. We're not as special as we feel we are. Our challenges and our hardships are not special either. Everyone must deal with real situations, however in our Instagram culture, it seems like everybody else is doing so much better than us. Commonly, these are all edifices. Over the time, the quotes from each other would alter if I come across someone who strikes a chord more with me. I hope this will become a resource which can be used for motivation from time to time, depending on how and what you are feeling. In addition, I will hold themes on quality outputs, target setting, life-design, and overall self-personality.

One of my favorite quotes is, "Attitude dictates strength or weakness of a person." I truly believe that the attitude influences failure or success everywhere, in competition, in career, in life, and in mortality. Progress starts with a better mindset that results in positive thinking that in turn leads to positive practice. To me, attitude is not a thought, but a frame of consciousness that is self-induced. I believe that every individual decides what his or her attitude is. It does not depend on money, popularity, influence, nature of society, or indeed any factor. It's pretty self-explanatory, the way a person devotes himself to the way he feels.



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