The rain that touches my heart!

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 08, 2021

Oh, rain,

Will, I collect those pearls from the sky?

Will I be able to tie them with a string of lightning?

Let me be the bird that drinks 

The koel that sings your praise 

Like a peacock with its feathers unfurled I wanna dance 

Looking at you is just pure bliss.

The specks of diamonds that fall 

They are roots to heaven which I wanna climb. Oh, rain.

You fall on a leaf to make it green,

You fall on flowers and brew nectars,

You fall in an oyster to create pearls,

Falling on roots you create the food,

You come out as a poem just because you fell on my Eye.

You are the shower of the New world 

Created by gods to cleanse me.

When will you people get drenched if not this day,

When will the virgin pearls fall on your head oh people?

The rain brings poems, don't shut your ears,

Don’t show the black flag by unfurling your umbrellas

This is a gift from angels,

Which can be enjoyed without any consent.

Why do you deny getting drenched,

On the milk brewed by clouds,

You are losing a part of your life which you signed up for,

As you close your eyes and enjoy,

You reach heaven on earth.

Oh rain, let me drench in all your galore. 

Let’s cleanse all together




Appears in
2021 - Fall - Issue 9