Reading books- The Best Workout for our Brain

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Mon Mar 01, 2021

If someone asks me what was the most important part of our human body, I would immediately answer it as the brain. Without a healthy mind, anyone could be easily directed to destruction in their lives. One might argue everyone has a healthy mind as they mature with age. It is not true, our minds get the least exercise once we cross the college phase in our lives. I don't blame us, but the nature of our commitments such as work, family, etc. keeps increasing over the years and we hardly find any time to read books. No matter how hard we work out in gyms, a dedicated frequent workout is a necessity for having a superior mind.

For starters, reading books is the simplest yet most effective activity to do in our free time. Once we have created a bond towards books, there is no going back. We teleport to a different dimension that we have created in our brains and it is the most delightful experience. The next compelling reason being there is no downside to reading a book, we always learn something new. Certain research study has also found that people who read more than three hours every week are likely to live two years longer than those who don't. One might argue that it sounds boring, sticking your face to your book for hours and that watching Netflix is much better. Well, there is one thing you are missing, you might forget what you watch but you will never forget a good read. 

The passionate readers out there would tell you their intelligence has improved drastically and, their mental health has never been as strong. Their memory and empathy have increased as well. We get the delight of living inside the author's brain and savor the versatile flavors which we would have never known. Once we are inside, we can relate those instances to our lives and understand the different perspectives. One might even change their belief entirely. For all the people who find it difficult to sleep at night, a constant read before bedtime makes you sleep better and you always wake up cheerful in the morning. It opens up the boundaries of your mind and what you think you know. From then, it is an incessant flow of knowledge. Finally, it is more contagious once you have completed a good book, you can never refrain from passing on the good things to others.

Only a true reader would understand the pain of bidding farewell to every book upon completion. Sometimes it is even harder to move on to another book.



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2021-Spring-Issue 5