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Mon Nov 26, 2018

In the November 13 issue of TechNews, our editor-in-chief wrote an article titled “Let’s stop and assume for a moment” where he mentions that TechNews has a whole team of writers, photographers, and editors responsible for this paper’s success “but that is a point to be covered in another article.” I thought I would take it upon myself to write that article.

While technically the leader of this organization, I feel there is an unfair amount of attention given to the editor-in-chief that this organization hasn’t seen in a long time. For instance, I think our previous editor-in-chief, Annalise (Annie) Zorn, deserves so much more recognition for all of her time and hard work that she gave to TechNews before she passed the baton to Ethan Castro this semester. I’m absolutely not trying to undermine or discredit everything that he has done, but I definitely think that so many of our other members deserve praise and hardly ever receive it. Contrary to how it may appear, this paper does not rely solely on the contributions of one person. Its publication is a product of the combined efforts of our team, and they deserve much more than a single column on the second page. I’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to some of the other members of the TechNews team that play a major role in this organization (in no particular order).

Alexandra (Lexi) Detweiler, as my predecessor and even as a writer and editor has put countless hours into this paper and organization. She did Student Government Association (SGA) senate coverage for us for over a year, which isn’t an easy or quick task, and continues to be an important and dedicated member of this team. Our resident french horn enthusiast, she has written some incredibly important articles this semester shedding light on issues students from VanderCook face. Also on a personal note, if not for her, I would never have considered joining this org and I’m beyond thankful that I did. Thank you for being a model team member and for your continued help in nearly every role this organization has.

Soren Spicknall is one of our strongest writers and a fantastic journalist. He does an amazing job articulating statements and viewpoints in a factual and professional way that the rest of us could never achieve. He isn’t afraid to reach out to sources for the most accurate information possible and shed light on topics that others may deem too controversial. Thank you for all the important coverage you’ve given to this newspaper.

David Sobel is our IT Manager, responsible for our website and related tech issues. Despite his slip-ups, our website has certainly improved from its last iteration, and I know its functionality is a great source of stress for him. He’s also helped out as an editor and occasional writer, most notably as the “irritable tech nerd.” I know we make you the butt of our jokes a lot of the time, but your efforts are appreciated.

Estlin Mendez is our puzzlemaster and is responsible for the fantastic crosswords that have appeared in our issues this past semester. In addition to helping out immensely with layout by teaching our new layout editors the workings of Adobe InDesign and submitting countless photos, they take initiative in the tech area of things where Sobel falls behind. They also give beneficial insight on ways we can be more inclusive and accessible and doesn’t hesitate to bring attention to injustices and oversights. You’re a valuable addition to our team and we’ve only improved since you joined us.

Before I continue, it’s only fair to give some credit to someone I’ve been holding off doing so for a long time: myself. For those that don’t know me, I’m the assistant editor-in-chief of TechNews. I’m in charge of all the editors and I consider myself to be the strongest one. It’s my responsibility to make sure there are no mistakes in the final version of the paper (although I am human and sometimes things slip through) by dedicating my Monday nights to reading the entire thing. This paper means more to me than I have the skill to put into words and I’m unbelievably lucky to be working with people I consider my best friends.

Prashanth Murugan, our distribution manager, physically delivers the newspaper to all the stands around the campus no matter the weather. Thank you for taking on this labor intensive role. To Steven Moreno, Dan Marten, Ryan Mendoza, Jack Hamilton, Tarang Vaidya, Doorvesh (Sid) Santbakshsing, Divya Soopal, Fatima Azfar, Somya Mittal, Virginia (Ginny) Spicknall, and Kevin Barrera, thank you for all the articles you all have filled this paper with, Victoria (Tori) Belotti and Moid Ali for being some of our best new editors, Vasanth Pranavan Selvam for the stunning pictures you’ve given to us, df for your hilarious advice, latelylate for your creative playlists, and Grace Arnold for taking on the challenge of senate coverage. To all of our other writers, editors, and Slipstick contributors not mentioned, thank you so much. This paper wouldn't run without you. And finally thank you to our readers. Thank you for supporting us and reminding us why we do this. Everything we do is done for you.

If you’re interested in joining the TechNews team, our weekly writers’ meetings will resume in the spring semester on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. in MTCC 221. If you have any questions you can reach out to Ethan Castro ([email protected]) or myself ([email protected]). Whatever way you want to contribute, I promise there is a place for you here.



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2018 - Fall - Issue 11