A review of Amazon Prime's "Made in Heaven"

TechNews Writer
Mon Mar 25, 2019

Amazon Prime’s latest original released March 8, titled “Made in Heaven,” and follows the story of two very unusual wedding planners who only provide their service to the elite families of India.

The show was definitely binge-watch-worthy since my friend and I were hooked.

The show tries to familiarize the audience with all that happens at a big fat Indian wedding, the harsh reality which contains not only purity tests for women, but background checks, crazy bachelorettes, political scandals, dowry cases, and various other things. The story also tries to touch the issue of molestation by big, powerful men and how those issues are stopped from arising in the media by paying off the victim.

The scandalous behavior of India’s elite is not unknown to us, but this show brings it out in a way that nobody else has. After every episode, I remember telling my friend “this messes with my head, but I want to see what happens next.” And so, before you know it, you have hit the ending you didn’t want to.

Though the show makes sure to give more prominence to the weddings taking place, as the season progresses you also see how messed up the lives of the planners were. The female lead character, named Tara Khanna, is married to an elite Delhi businessman. She comes from nothing and has cut off most ties with her previous life. However, she didn’t get lucky, she had to manipulate people in order to get where she is.

The male lead, Karan Mehra, is a gay person who hasn’t come out yet. He is faced with many difficulties throughout the season regarding his sexual identity. This part of the show also touches on the very controversial topic of the LGBTQ+ community in India.

The show also has various other characters and their importance is revealed as the show progresses.

No character in the TV show is shown in a completely bad or good light. They have made sure that the audience realizes that the world is not black and white, but grey. That is what I liked most with the show. Not all the weddings they showed ended on a bad note. In fact, they tried as hard as possible to keep things positive at the end.

Like all good TV shows, the ending leaves us on a hook and thirst of wanting more. I really hope that Amazon Prime decides to renew it for another season.




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