Women call the shots! A review of "Four More Shots Please!"

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 04, 2019

Last weekend, my friend and I decided to binge watch the newly released international Amazon Prime Original TV show called "Four More Shots Please!"

This fun, yet dramatic TV show has all it takes to get the target audience’s attention, and it makes sure to drive them insane by the time the season comes to an end and already makes us hungry for more.

The story follows the lives of four women who are extremely different from one another. Each of them has her own set of problems that they deal with, every day of their lives. They meet one another by a chance encounter (thankful for that!) one day at a random bar which later becomes their hangout hub; a place of sanctuary from their dramatic lives where they can be whatever they want. And this leads to the beginning of a beautiful, varied, and long-lasting friendship.

The girls are from diverse professions: one of them is a top lawyer at a firm, another a journalist with a string of awards for her skills, the third a bad-a** and spunky gym trainer for upscale clients, and the fourth is an unemployed daughter of a rich Indian family.

The story highlights all the various problems that a woman can face in today’s world. Some of the major ones are single parenting, trolling on social media for their feministic approach, slut shaming, and body shaming. The show also highlights the problems LGBTQ+ people face in a country like India. It gives viewers a clear idea on the many ways that a woman can be judged in this society.

Each of the girls deals with these problems and the story grows into them actually gaining power over their lives. By mid-season, the girls finally coming out of their shells and being fearless enough to do all the risky things they have ever wanted to do.

Though the four characters are the leads around whom the story is focused, there are various other important people in the story: the bartender, the hot and young intern, the over-controlling mom, and the superstar crush which becomes a reality.

All these mixed together is a perfect blend for a delicious cocktail and the entire show keeps the viewer hooked until the end. And even though things may seem to be perfect by the end of the first season, the last episode changes all that. The episode brings out various other problems and makes the viewer realize that our lives are never ending battles and even if we win some, we must be ready to face something else the next day.

This show also makes the viewer realize how necessary it is to have a very supportive group of friends; friends who will uplift others to do better things; friends who will stay with others at situations which seem too bad to fix. But obviously even if one finds a friend who does all that for them, trust me! It is more than enough.

But most importantly this show also proves how strong a woman is. And hence it is a must watch according to me.



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