The Road to Internship Part 5 - The Journey to the Workplace

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 30, 2019

After the car was taken from our supervisor’s house on the Sunday before going to internship on the first day, we all started to chalk out the map as to what would be the road that we would be taking. We could see on the maps that we had to change at least three interstates before reaching the workplace. It was not going to be a short drive for us, and we were all mentally prepared for it. Discussing all the things that need to be carried for the first day and finalizing with the routes, we went to sleep on Sunday.

College life is certainly different from internship life. Unlike many others who start their day early in the morning, I certainly cannot wake up early. The alarm at 6 a.m. rang. Being still sleepy but with the excitement of the first day, I was certainly getting prepped up. We all had decided to dress formal since we had no idea as to how the company culture would be. Having made a WhatsApp group of five of us, everyone started posting their status as to when and how everyone would reach the place where the car was parked. After a while, we all gathered and as decided the day prior, we put in the maps and started the journey for our workplace.

The morning traffic in Chicago is highly unpredictable. The roads would be clear sometimes but when the traffic sets in, it sure sets in hard. Well, we got a combination of both. It started with the maps itself. The day earlier we had decided to follow this certain route but for our first day, the maps directed us to take altogether a different route. This was not what we had envisioned.

So, here we were, taking the different route praying to reach the workplace as early as possible. We had decided to reach the workplace at least 15 minutes before the official start time. And we were on time to reach the same. There were moments in the journey where we all could feel that the road that we were on was already taken once. After giving a deep thought, we realized that it was the same road that we had taken for the company’s barbeque party. At least this time around we had not put in the wrong address.

After crossing the various interstates and almost an hour and 15 minutes later, we reached the company. The first day. Here it was. Finally. All the hard work that went behind the scenes, all the documentation and all the necessary things required for the same; it all narrowed down in front of us. Here we were, waiting for the new beginning to commence. Getting down from the car and some fist pumps later, we were at the entrance. We realized once we step inside, we would be entering a whole new world, totally different from college life. All decked up in formal attire, we entered inside and were certainly taken by surprise.



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2019 - Fall - Issue 5