The Road to Internship - Part 9 - The First Month of Internship

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 04, 2019

The first week was very intense for all of us since we had to do tremendous brainstorming and trying to understand what ideas we could pitch so that it can help the company over the long run. The target was set for us after our boss gave us the thumbs up to work towards the ideas that we had proposed to him. It now depends on what steps we take to implement the ideas.

Since we were split into two groups, each working towards different objectives, the commonality that existed between us was for the fact that the end result would be improving the operations and at the same time improve the customer satisfaction index. To be a little technical, we were ready to apply the concepts that were taught to us in the school. The concepts included using the principle of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), R-Studio, and software such as Tableau and Power BI for effective analysis.

The tools are in place, we know how to use them, but the biggest challenge was yet to arrive: the dataset itself. Our supervisor was so generous in giving us all the required information, whatever we needed, whenever we needed (yes, we had signed the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before joining the company). A common drive was made where all the data would be stored as well as where our work would be placed. Now, came the real fun.

Handling transactions that have occurred over close to two-odd years and coming up with interesting and thought-provoking solutions was the target for the first group, but the second group had to work on improvement solutions on the very limited data that they had. So, here’s one group working towards cleansing the data with the help of our supervisor while the other group would be charting into altogether new territory. Challenges were equal in both the projects, but that’s what we had signed up for.

The first month for the first group was spent on understanding the datasets that we had received and understood the implications of different factors on the operations of the company. As the days passed, the datasets were updated, and we had to be on our toes to take a grasp of it. The second group, in the meantime, was getting in touch with people who were looking after the customer side of the business. It was a great learning experience for both the groups in spite of working on different aspects of the business. The fact that we could cleanse and interpret the data made us realize how critical it is for the company to crunch the data and use it for proper analysis.

The data gathering and analysis was the first target for all of us in the first month. The support from the company that we got was tremendous since we were always encouraged to just reach out to people if we had any doubts. This was helping us to shape our project which we had to deliver at the end of the 10 weeks. So how would the second month turn out for us? Let’s find that out soon.



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2019 - Fall - Issue 9