SeekNow Episode 2: "A PODCAST"

TechNews Writer
Mon Oct 01, 2018

For those not caught up with the SeekNow series, my friend Prince Hodonou and I are working on an app called SeekNow. SeekNow is supposed to help students find the best study groups for the courses the students are in. The “SeekNow series” is a documentation of that process, and although this is episode two, the app has been in the works since summer of 2018.

We are so excited this week because we managed to host the first episode of “A PODCAST.” “A PODCAST” is a weekly podcast that Hodonou and I host at WIIT 88.9FM every Tuesday from 8 to 9 p.m. Although we air it live, we seriously do not recommend you tuning in on a Tuesday night to listen to us. We recorded the whole show and uploaded them on Facebook and YouTube. I am in the process of cutting the podcast down to snippets and subtitling them before posting them to the "Illinois Tech Student Community" Facebook group.

When I applied for the show I was asked by Soren Spicknall, WIIT’s station manager, whether I would prefer a smaller time slot than an hour long one. After the first episode, I might need to request an extra 30 minutes. For the record, neither Hodonou nor I have ever hosted any sort of podcast or radio show. Having a platform to sit down and talk about why we are doing things and how we are doing them is actually really interesting. Discussions go in so much more depth when you are sitting with the person that you work with while your headphones are plugged in and while you are solely engaged in only that conversation. It also really helps that Hodonou is very passionate about changing the education system, and his vision makes a lot of sense to me.

In other news, since exams have started this week, the app’s progress has slowed down by a lot. I am in charge of designing the user interface for the app, and I had to put it to the side to complete assignments and edit the podcast. I hope to get the design done by the end of the weekend, so that Hodonou can allocate time to make changes. However, the changes that will be made will not appear in the first version of the app. We are planning on releasing the app by early November, when all hell breaks loose at Illinois Tech because of exams. The updated version is expected to come out during the spring semester. We really hope that by the time the updated version comes, you either will already have the app on your phone and will update it, or you’ll download the app then!

If you want to know more about anything, check out the "Flowerdog" page on Facebook, or the "Flowerdog" channel on YouTube. It’s confusing to have our podcast called “A PODCAST” and our app called "Seeknow" while our Facebook page is called "Flowerdog."  We will try to rectify everything with time, but if the names stick, then we’ll keep moving forward!



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2018 - Fall - Issue 5