SeekNow: Studying Illinois Tech Students' Behaviors

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 26, 2018

This segment of TechNews is about SeekNow, a young startup that is in the works on campus by two Illinois Tech students: Prince Hodonou and Doorvesh Santbakshsing (author). If you want to read about the progress of SeekNow, please go through the previous TechNews issues throughout this semester online, or check out “A PODCAST,” the podcast hosted by Hodonou and Santbakshsing, that is dedicated mostly to talking about their progress.

With the semester coming to an end, it is fascinating to observe students’ behaviors. While being part of the animals in the wild, we feel like we have to exclude our behaviors from the pack and try to keep an open mind on how our target audience decides to plan their agenda for the rest of the semester. By using this method, we will try to figure out how SeekNow will fill in the cracks to help them have a better semester and a better overall experience. As the semester also comes to an end, and our plans seem to be more delayed from its expected timeline, we seem to have more time now to work on how we are going to attract Illinois Tech students.

If Hodonou or myself were anything close to disciplined students, we would have stayed at the library, in classrooms, or in any corner on Mies Campus with a data sheet, and we would try to observe every breath that students are taking. But aside from our lack of discipline in research, we have no time whatsoever to sit or act like Steve Irwin. At this point, with every class reaching to their ends, professors are speeding up their workflows, and we have a heavier workload on our backs. We are just seeing how our environment is coping with work. It is nothing fascinating, as most students right now are cramming their last assignments, WebAssigns, or projects; things we’ve all been through before.

We are also trying to come up with ads for not only the upcoming semester, but also for the end of this semester. Even though the app won’t be released by the end of the semester, as previously planned, we want the name of the brand to be part of campus. After Thanksgiving Break, you are going to see a bunch of posters floating around campus that have no information whatsoever about the app. We really hope that it resonates on some level with students. We’re still working on how to get you to download the app next semester, and we do have a plan. But for now, we’re working on what’s right around the corner.

We’d also like to thank everyone that came up to Hodonou and me about our podcast, “A PODCAST”. We appreciate every criticism, as it helps us improve what we do, and we also appreciate every ounce of support that you give. On Tuesday, November 20, we will be having the administrators of "IIT Crushes," an Instagram page Prince Hodonou and I have had a lot to talk about on the podcast throughout the semester. No one knows yet who they are, and we are excited to have a chat with them! “A PODCAST” is a podcast about how we are working on SeekNow, and what we are going through to get it to work. It is available on most podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Castbox, YouTube, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and Radio Republic.



Appears in
2018 - Fall - Issue 11