SeekNow - Trying to not repeat Illinois Tech's mistakes

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 12, 2018

When we started SeekNow, we wanted to have the app released by November 2018. It was a far stretch, because both Prince Hodonou and I knew we had a rough semester coming our way. But we took it as a challenge. Whenever we would have free time to sneak some work in, we would do so. However, we couldn’t reach our expectations with the app, and we did not want to release an app that we personally didn’t believe in ourselves.

As the end of October 2018 came around, we started to think about current Illinois Tech apps available to students. It was pretty obvious why students always complained about them. The designs were poor, and it looked like a bunch of code slapped together instead of a well thought out app to be used by actual human beings. When we looked at SeekNow at the end of that month, we realized we were going to make the same mistake, and that students were going to resent us for that exact reason. That reason was a perfect opportunity for anyone who thought that the app was a good idea to make a better version of it, and we did not want to let that entry open like that. So we ended up pushing the deadline to the end of November 2018.

We’re currently in November 2018, and Thanksgiving Break is in a week. I cannot imagine for a second a scenario where SeekNow could be helpful to anyone if it were to be released as this new app that no one’s ever heard of. Hodonou and I have both talked about the pros and cons of putting extra time into the app now, just so as to get it released early. The pros would be that we would meet our deadline expectations. The cons would be that we would risk our grades severely. We both have a lot of exams due before Thanksgiving Break, and at the current moment, we’re trying to prioritize those. We also risk completing an app that no one even cares about because people just don’t want to meddle with new things at the very last minute at the very end of the semester during finals week. So now, we’ve pushed the date to the beginning of the spring 2019 semester.

It makes sense to us. You’re going to be in new classes. You’ll know a few people in some of your classes, but having more options wouldn’t cost you anything. SeekNow would be the perfect intermediary for you to make connections, and study with others. You’ll have time to get used to the app. The community will have time to grow as well, without any pressure. We’ll also have time to analyze the user patterns to see what’s working and what’s not, so as to bring in necessary changes. Although most of you couldn’t care less, we actually really hope that this app can create a new social flow, especially at Illinois Tech, between students.




Appears in
2018 - Fall - Issue 10