Seven Chakras and their meaning in human body

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Mon Oct 03, 2022

The word "desire" doesn't necessarily refer to a desire for money. Instead, it is the basis of one's resolve and motivation to finish a task. You must therefore possess these two traits, consciousness and awareness, in order to realize and fulfill your goals. Consciousness is nothing more than thinking that you are capable of accomplishing something. Everyone on the planet possesses this "Consciousness," which explains why, despite our differences in language usage and other areas, we all share some traits. A person with this "Consciousness" has the capacity to make discoveries or create new things. Consciousness is hence a necessity and a quality to have for finishing or accomplishing a task. The next is "Awareness." Nearly all early men used to flee from forest fires to save their lives, but one brave man grasped the power of "Fire" and realized that, with proper care, it could be utilized to warm their bodies during the winter and even be used to cook food. Thus, they gained control over the fire and added it to their arsenal of skills. Similar to this, regardless of all our goals and consciousness, the instant we begin to consider how we may use things to our advantage and the benefit of those around us is the time we become "Aware." Therefore, "Awareness" can make our life and the lives of those around us more helpful.

Our ancestors preached about the "Seven-Chakras" for cultivating these qualities. Our consciousness can be increased in seven key locations, or the seven chakras, according to Yoga Shastra. We will be able to do anything in life if we can establish a connection with these seven Chakras through meditation. First, what exactly are chakras? These chakras run from the top of our head to the base of our spine, and they all work together to direct our energy from within outward. By linking our thoughts to the outer world, they assist us in fulfilling our desires, therefore if we are able to connect all of these Chakras together, we will be able to attain and fulfill all our wishes. We will turn into the human we wanted to be and we will be able to reach all our dreams which we ever dreamt. Let us get to know about these seven Chakras. 

Sahasrara/ Crown Chakra:

It is said that because this Sahasrara is located in the top part of our heads, this is where wise people begin to find their "Tanmayathvam." Sahasrara refers to as "Bliss" in English. It boosts our self-assurance and reinforces the idea that we are sufficient on our own. Our ideas will change from "I have nothing" to "I am everything" if we are able to make a connection with this Crown Chakra. When this chakra is active, "we shall be inspired without any external source of inspiration from the minute we wake up," which has been the cause of enlightenment for many people. We'll begin to enjoy each moment and live it fully. There is a mantra for connecting to this Sahasrara that goes, ".....So Hum....." Chant this mantra with your eyes closed, sitting comfortably, and giving all your thoughts to yourself. Chant ".....So Hum.....," push away negative thoughts that make you feel as though you need nothing and bring in the idea that you are everything. Your entire ego is washed away by this meditation. The main thing that needs to be eliminated in order to accomplish anything is ego. The instant you let go of all your ego and pride and have the conviction that "you are enough for finishing a task" is the time you connect to the Crown Chakra; it gives us the impression that we are content with ourselves.

Ajna/Third eye Chakra:

Our "Higher Intellect" is caused by this Chakra, yet it has nothing to do with our IQ or general intelligence. It underlies our capacity for imagination and intuition. Our brain will occasionally guess how events will play out, but this doesn't always happen. Any problem we encounter in life can be resolved if we are able to make a connection with our third eye chakra. You are connected to knowingness through the third eye chakra; therefore, you not only learn everything but also comprehend every detail of a variety of topics. You often feel that you should not have made a particular error that led you to this point after failing in business. However, if you opened your Ajna Chakra, you would have more clarity while making decisions. You can widen your thinking and improve your comprehension of ideas with the help of this chakra. It forces you to think objectively while allowing you to suppress your pride. When you are confident in your ideas and your style of thinking, you will be able to comprehend your own thoughts better than those of other people. The mantra you need to chant in order to open the Ajna Chakra is ".....OM....." Think and feel about the mantra during your meditation, now add the thought of " I Know " to your emerging thoughts. You can try this meditation even in important and needy times. If you face a problem for which you aren't able to find a solution, at that moment this meditation will come in handy. If you make this meditation a daily life practice, you would be in a position to solve any kind of problem.

Visudha/ Throat Chakra:

"Words are powerful." Every word we say is very dynamic, so we should be careful while using any words. If this Visudha Chakra activates, the words spoken by us will be very amusing. All the words we speak will be true and will be carrying some emotion, power, and meaning. At times we might not give a thought to the words which we use while speaking, but if we are connected to this throat chakra, since we already have the feeling given by Sahasrara of "you being enough," and the confidence and knowledge given by Ajna Chakra, this confidence and intelligence will be automatically displayed in our words. And then we will be in a stage to confidently communicate with anyone. Our words play a major role in achieving the things which we dreamt. We have to win things with these words of confidence and intellectuality, the mantra for activating Visudha Chakra is "....Ham...." Chat this mantra and simultaneously keep reminding that you are speaking the truth in your mind. Tell yourself strongly that all your words are true, through this meditation you would be free from all the lies which you have ever said to yourself since childhood. You would be free from all the negative thoughts which ever stopped you from doing things, and you would be in a position to believe in yourself. The perception you have on yourself will change, and the confidence in you that "you can talk to anyone" would increase.

Anahata Chakra/ Heart Chakra:

This is located right close to our heart, almost every one of us have various kinds of problems and sorrows. We hide all this inside us and get low because of this. Unknowingly, we increase our pain and go into depression. Anahata Chakra removes all pain from within us. This chakra brings out all the sensible feelings like "Love, Joy, and Sympathy." This Chakra heals all our wounds internally, hence this chakra is referred to as "Internal Healer." It understands our feelings and helps us share them in an appropriate way, and the mantra for activating this Chakra is "....Yam...." Meditate by chanting this Mantra and recollect all the happy moments which cherished you. Add the feeling of you sharing love with everyone while you are meditating, the only thing you need to do while meditating is to recollect all the moments when you felt love and happiness. That's when this Chakra gets activated. 

Manipura/ Solar Plexus Chakra:

This Chakra is exactly above our Navel region. It increases our body's health, determination, and the urge to do good things. This is, more importantly, useful for increasing our focus. It gives us such a kind of focus that doesn't let our thoughts move away from the work we are into. It lets us know our strengths. It keeps us moving forward no matter how many obstacles we face. The mantra required for activating this Chakra is "....Ram...." Chat this mantra while you meditate. Have an idea that you are full of energy while you meditate, this is most useful when you feel you are distracted, and you aren't able to focus on anything. Do this meditation by putting aside all your electronic devices like phones and laptop. After which you will connect with your inner power and will be able to work with full potential.

Svadhishtana/ Sacrum Chakra:

This Chakra is located below our navel area. This Chakra is the symbolism of desire. A desire motivates us, be it any kind of desire. It cultivates a feeling to achieve things and Svadhishtana Chakra does the same thing. To activate this Chakra, the mantra used is "....Vam...." Chat this mantra with an intention of you being your own desire, meditate by thinking about the happiness and merriness you would feel after fulfilling your desire. Then you would start having the strength to accomplish any kind of desire.

Muladhara/ Root Chakra:

This Chakra is at end of our spine. Many people have a feeling of insecurity irrespective of their position in life, they always carry this feeling of being "insecure." The Root Chakra removes the feeling of insecurity and provides a feeling of being secure. It helps you replace the thought of being insecure with confidence and security. Hence, this Chakra is referred to as "The Chakra that connects to Earth." Similar to the Earth, this Chakra gives us an unshakable level of confidence. It makes you feel comfortable with your body, by removing the feeling of insecurity about being "dark or short or fat or anything." It lets you live in the moment. If you carefully observe, these 7 Chakras are similar to the path of a thought sprouting from the top and getting connected to the earth. These Chakras symbolize bringing our positive thoughts to real life. Any person who is able to activate this Root Chakra would be having the strength to make their dreams real. We get the power to shape our thoughts into our desired form, the mantra to activate this Muladhara is "....Lam...." Chat this mantra and think about you being completely safe. Feel like all the power on Earth is entering our body. If you are successful in doing all this, you would get the feeling of "Bliss".



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