df demystifies: “You’re Campus Advice” ™

radio "personality"
Feb 18, 2019
Hello there fellow Tech Hawk! df here to let you know that this week we’re going to do something a little bit different. Rather than pick two specific questions from the mountains of emails, letters, and faxes I receive each week I thought I’d address what is easily the most asked question in a more thorough and multifaceted manner.
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2019 - Spring - Issue 4

Dal Makhani recipe

Vidhi Mittal
TechNews Writer
Apr 12, 2021
One of those most traditional Indian foods and all time favorite, Dal Makhani is loved by almost everyone. It can be served with assorted Indian breads like Tandoori Butter Roti, Tandoori Butter Naan or Jeera (Cumin) Rice/ Biryani.
Appears in
2021 - Spring - Issue 9