TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 29, 2021

Emotions are those voices in our head,

Happens ever millionth of a second,

Some pleasant and some chaotic,

Some filled with love,

Some calm and soothing,

Some Nostalgic,

Some wise,

Some dreamy and idealistic,

Some unpleasant and lonely,

Some angry and frustrated,

Some confused and scared,

Yet some are hopeful and confident,

Its funny how overwhelming this can be,

But what's more ironic is,

these are heard the least!

Its a human thing I suppose:

to be the least expressive,

may be cause we are heard but never acknowledge?

somehow experiencing emotions all alone has become a norm.

Is there a gender thing?

Some say women are emotional than men,

Or is just the society's proclaim?

Or is how our hormones behave?

Does being expressive mean weak and vulnerable?

It is not relieving to speak your heart out?

Do we always need a facade?

Do we even recognize our real selves?

I often wonder about these things,

And I ask myself, who am I when no one is looking?

Starring at a blank ceiling,

Waiting for a calling,

Pondering over the emotions of the today,

Holding back all that I want to say,

Knowing how human it is to be,

And yet laying emotionless until dawn cease!




Appears in
2021-Fall-Issue 11