Social media: how you can monetize on your hobby

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 13, 2021

Social media is often put to test in every second conversation these days, and, whether you like it or hate it, you’re definitely talking all about it. While it is best to leave the question of if it is a boon or a bane to each individual’s opinion, I am here to write about how one could potentially make money from their hobbies on social media. In this day and age, big name brands as well as small businesses all look for innovative ways to market their products across a consumer base with an appeal of personal touch. Social media platforms have become the fastest broadcasters of information and a place where content is picked up at a viral speed with minimum investments compared to other advertising modes. Brands are using influencer marketing programs in order to create a buzz around their products and draw in huge traffic onto their websites, ultimately resulting in increased sales.

What is this influencer marketing and how does one become an “influencer” in the first place? Influencer marketing is when brands rely on the creators across social media (say Instagram and YouTube) to represent or advertise their products to an audience who could potentially be buyers. A creator is usually expected to have a niche audience that they can influence into trying out the products they endorse. Unlike celebrity endorsements that cost a fortune for the brands, this strategy helps the audience feel more connected to the brands as they see the creators of their relevant niches try out the products and hence helps in building trust between the brands and the consumers.

Your hobbies define a part of who you are, and that may simply include your obsession with filming your pet doing crazy things, clicking a bunch of your #ootd pictures, or cooking. You can become a creator on social media by documenting your hobbies while meeting like-minded people along the way. Strong engaging content helps attract loyal followers who are ready to take in your advice and recommendations. This trusting relationship between a creator and their audience is what brands desire. This creates an opportunity for creators to monetize on their hobbies by influencing their target audience to buy the products they are endorsing.

According to a Forbes article titled “The Importance of Influencer Marketing in the 'New Normal' Digital Sphere” - Generation Z, a demographic aged between 16-26 make up to 40 percent consumers and they spend about three hours everyday on social media consuming and creating content and looking for inspiration. This only implies that the market to monetize on your hobbies is prominent but the challenge of course is to build an interactive loyal audience. While there’s no instant recipe to achieve that, one can always start somewhere and achieve heights by being consistent in producing quality engaging content while ultimately making money off of it. 



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