Social media's impact on personal relationships

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 14, 2022

It is always a challenge to elaborate on the difference between what is real and what is not, as social media has encroached on every minute aspect of our lives. The abundance of information at our fingertips makes it easy to become sidetracked from reality. Every time I open any social media application such as Instagram or WhatsApp, all I see is a sea of lovable couples living most of their lives on romantic dates or exotic vacations, and, to make it even worse, the portrayal is usually embellished with unnecessarily corny, dramatic captions. However, there are also many memes and depressing captions about breakups, failed romances, and heartbreaks. Due to social media's pervasiveness, maintaining relationships' sincerity and privacy can become challenging.

Your relationship style can vary significantly as a result of social media. You can quickly establish connections with more people with the help of these platforms. The level of closeness you might have with people online is decreased. Additionally, social media makes you more susceptible to the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs of others. You compare yourself to other people in your social network, which can have both positive and negative effects.

We are compelled to evaluate our relationships or romantic partners in light of social media. Have you even been to a date if you didn't take a picture? Do you love your spouse if you don't leave a comment under their recent post with a cliched, hackneyed phrase? I've witnessed vacationers bickering in real life while simultaneously tweeting selfies of themselves with the various love couple hashtags.

I have nothing against public displays of affection or sharing your feelings with close friends and family. I am aware that it can take any shape, whether you prefer an intimate or social setting. My only worry is that you cease to appreciate the true value of your relationships and start living solely by the numbers on social media barometer. You don't need someone to approve your relationships. Stop comparing right away, or you can lose what you have. Stop relying exclusively on social media.

One of the worst errors you can make in this situation is to confuse real closeness with digital intimacy. You often grow to feel at ease with online relationships and begin to believe that they are more passionate and dedicated than they actually are. You are at risk of exposing every layer of yourself to individuals you have never met in person. You need to make sure that you're investing in online and offline contacts at least equally in your professional and personal live, as it will help you to succeed.



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