Strolling Through the Campus- Memories I Would Cherish as a Distribution Manager

Distribution Manager
Mon Apr 26, 2021

When I nominated myself for the distribution manager position, I was completely clueless about what it meant, but I did it anyway because I wanted to get involved more in TechNews. When I learned more that it was a position to distribute papers all over the campus, I was genuinely thrilled. Since my childhood, I have a weird obsession with spending more time on the campus alone to capture the memories and to replay all the events that had happened before. I feel this is how I create an invisible bond with the institutions I study at. I still would give anything in the world to get back to my high school and relive every single moment I cherished there. I even held the record of having 100 percent attendance for three years in a row. So, my principle is the more time you spend at a place the more attached you become to that place.

I revisited my education at Illinois Tech after four years of work. I knew this is going to be my final college education in my life and was very particular to cherish every moment. In my first year till the pandemic started you would have found me daily at the campus, I just loved every building at Illinois Tech that I would sometimes just wander off to see how each one looks like. But after the pandemic, I was devastated when I found that the classes have transitioned to online. That is when TechNews allowed me to rebuild my bond by distributing papers at the campus. Usually, I would slack off and try to postpone tasks to the very end. But I would always eagerly wait for Wednesdays or Thursdays to come so I could walk through the campus and create more memories. 

It also allowed me to enjoy the beauty of our college through different seasons and I was able to contribute several photographs of our campus. After the first three weeks of memorizing the sequence of the buildings I was required to distribute, it became muscle memory. I would play songs on headphones and enjoy my one hour of strolling through the campus. I was even curious that found so many shortcuts within these buildings. The challenging part you do not know is distributing papers was also a race against time, I will have exactly one and half hours to board the train back to my home to prevent the additional two dollars and twenty-five cents. There were times I have managed to tap within just a few seconds left, like disarming a bomb within the timer goes off. The next best part of it was to greet many people on the campus. I don't know their name and they do not know mine, yet it was good to meet new people say hi and convey wishes it were the holiday season. 

I am almost crushed that this issue is going to be the last one that I am going to distribute and the last time I am going to stroll through the campus for this. I am so glad I was the distribution manager and never once felt this was a job I had to do, but rather a job I loved to do and would even do it if the TechNews printed every day. 



Appears in
2021-Spring-Issue 11