The yellow wallpaper

TechNews Writer
Mon Oct 04, 2021

The yellow wallpaper is a story of a woman who is suffering from nervous depression and how this condition changes her perspective of the yellow wallpaper in her room. It depicts how the narrator relates herself as the women she sees in the wallpaper. Her condition is deteriorating day by day. She feels as if she is trapped in the big colonial mansion as john, her husband, doesn’t let her out of the house because of her condition. The big mansion, as described by the narrator is strange and haunted. It was untenanted for so long and was lent out to john at a very cheap price. She loves the house even if there is something queer about it. The big garden, the walls, gates, arbors, pathways, etc. all was too beautiful according to the narrator. She often tries to share her thought with her husband about the house but he neglects it.

John, who is also a doctor, believes that the narrator can overcome her illness after moving into the colonial mansion. Though she wanted to live in a different bedroom, john convinced her otherwise. They moved into the bedroom with dull yellow wallpaper. The narrator often fascinates about the wallpaper and its backstory. As she is trapped in that room, her imagination knows no bound. She finds her happiness in writing. She writes all the thoughts that occur to her in that journal, which john isn’t aware of. This is because john believes that the narrator will get exhausted after writing. Hence he disapproves the narrator’s writing.

After hosting an event for her family on 4th of July, the narrator feels even more exhausted and weak. She no longer has the same energy to do the household chores and at the same time, her condition is deteriorating. Since the event and the time of them moving out, the narrator is obsessed with the yellow wallpaper. She stays up all night thinking about the wallpaper and feels as f it comes alive. She then starts believing that there is woman in the wallpaper who is watching her. One day, when John is out of town, she locks herself in the bedroom so that she can stare at the wallpaper uninterrupted. She believes she can see the woman in the wallpaper and starts relating herself as that woman. Just then, john return home and is worried about his wife because she has locked herself in the room. He tries to convince her to let him into the room but the narrator strongly refuses. After some time, john finally manages to enter the room and find the narrator crawling on the floor. Watching this, John faints. The narrator then claims that the woman in the wallpaper is finally free.




Appears in
2021-Fall-Issue 5