Take a break - never be excluded

TechNews Writer
Mon Apr 26, 2021

Just imagine your school days. Your school starts in mid-June. It becomes your new normal: waking up early, getting ready, carrying your lunch box and water bottle, and heading towards your school bus. Asking your friend to save the seat beside them on the bus so that you can enjoy the bus journey. Five days a week, four weeks a month, and 10 months for a year to complete. This cycle goes on till you reach your 10th grade. These 10 months consist of a fun ride that includes academics, school trips, lunch break, and how can we forget our midterm and finals. Have you ever given a thought to why we need a two months vacation after completion of each grade? Taking a break before a fresh start, yes you heard it right, it is always necessary to keep our minds fresh away from all the ups and downs of the past before we upgrade ourselves. So school time break is just to reboot our system to fix our lags and get ready for the upgrade.

Now once we are done with our school, we move towards our undergraduate and graduate schools. The term itself means more responsibilities, more work, and a step closer to our dream. The one benefit here is the syllabus consists of the subjects that we love as we have the choice to choose them. In school, we used to complete the syllabus in fear of grades but here along with grades, the interest keeps us in the game. Here we need a break not to reboot, rather upgrade. This break is essential for upgrading our qualities or installing a new one. In school, we were forced to upgrade but here it is upon us how and when to upgrade. So here the break plays an important role. Use your break wisely. Work on your lows more than your strengths. This time is to be utilized in getting yourself prepared for the big challenges and making us believe in ourselves. 

Now you are ready to face the challenges. And at this stage, you are going to face the challenges you were preparing yourself for so long, the work-life. Here you work for feeding yourself. Once fulfilling our basic needs become the main motive, then deadline, stress, pressure, and hard work come in. Now your schedule becomes restless. So even here you need a break. Here the break symbolizes cooling your system. The system was working for so long due to which the heat has risen up. So it’s necessary to switch it off for a while to let it cool down so that it works more efficiently and faster than before. As the amount of work you do in this stage will decide how much you will succeed. So no matter in what stage of your life you are in, just take a break maybe to reboot, to upgrade, or just to cool down your system.




Appears in
2021 - Spring - Issue 11