Thank you and farewell to TechNews

Mon Apr 26, 2021

It’s hard to believe that this is the last TechNews article that I will ever write. Although I haven’t gone back and counted the number exactly, I’ve spent many nights staying up to type away at various articles, ranging from serious to silly. While I’m probably most proud of the serious articles, such as the one I wrote about the Illinois Tech-VanderCook disconnect, pointing out issues that the lack of communication between the two universities have caused and getting some real change to occur, all of the articles I wrote are ones that taught me things. I was able to use TechNews as a way to share my short stories, poetry, and also satirical and increasingly more ridiculous April Fool’s articles that I’m sure will be something my older self will love to look back on.

And this is the reason why TechNews has such a solid place in my heart: it’s a great place to explore yourself as a writer. For international students that might want to practice their English, it’s a very accessible platform with which to do so. For all students, it’s a great way to find a community of other writers to discuss ideas with and uplift each other’s work. It’s been tradition for quite a while now to begin each general body meeting with sharing compliments for other writers’ work, and I think that exemplifies why I love the community of the paper so much. 

My time as assistant editor, the writer in charge of Student Government Association (SGA) senate coverage, a copy editor, a layout editor, and editor-in-chief all taught me very different things. I’m now confident in my ability to navigate InDesign, much more comfortable in leadership positions, and am a much better writer than I was when I started-- all things I owe in large part to TechNews. The process of writing TechNews articles, especially campus related ones, is one that taught me a great deal of varied skills. Setting up interviews with strangers, organizing notes, typing as fast as humanly possible in order to get exact quotes, and compiling the articles have all helped build a better writer in me. 

The biggest part about TechNews that changed me, more significant than even the palpable skills I’ve already mentioned, are the people it introduced me to. For some reason, the kinds of people that TechNews attracts are some of the most talented and like-minded individuals I’ve ever met. I’m genuinely unable to express how grateful I am to have had access to this space and to have connected with the other people there. And of course, I would be remiss if I did not specifically mention my second-in-command, Assistant Editor-in-Chief Quinn Castaneda, for her invaluable help throughout the years. I genuinely believe that Castaneda was the best-suited and skilled person who could have held the position that she did for three years, and the organization is much better for it. Your expertise and dedication have helped make my job much less stressful and I definitely would not have enjoyed my time here nearly as much without you. 

Thank you, TechNews. I will look back on this experience fondly for the rest of my life.



Appears in
2020 - Spring - Issue 11