Thanksgiving 2020 - What I Am Thankful For

Distribution Manager
Mon Nov 30, 2020

We are at the end of the year 2020, probably one of the worst years the world has ever seen in history. But as we all know that time does not stop for anyone unless the world itself has come to an end. Amid these tough times, we have survived till Thanksgiving this year. Although this year has been a nightmare, let us all take a moment to thank for what we still have. I am going to list all the reasons that I am thankful for in 2020.

To start with I am thankful that I am still breathing without any health problems. Next, I am thankful that all my close ones, friends, family, well-wishers are all healthy. I pray for all the souls lost due to this unfortunate virus and sincerely hope their families and friends recover from the trauma. I thank all the doctors, nurses, all medical help, research scientists, etc. who are responsible and striving to save lives. Without them, I highly doubt if the world would have saved so many lives. I thank the land of the U.S. for providing me a career opportunity to help me achieve my dreams. I thank Illinois Tech and the entire staff to keep providing me the seeds to grow myself. I thank all the responsible people for following safety rules and playing a major part in this battle against the virus.

Next, I thank TechNews for giving me a chance to write and pursue my passion for writing. I also thank the team who consistently worked to keep publishing the newspaper amid the virus. I thank all the organizations that keep recruiting and making a difference in a lot of ambitious aspirants who wish to achieve their dreams. I thank all the public workers who help us maintain our livelihood safely making sure we get basic amenities like water, gas, sanitation, etc. I thank technology for connecting us even though we are stuck inside our homes. I thank the mother earth who still tolerates us even though we keep abusing its resources.
Finally, I thank the hope that resides within all of us that keeps driving us forward and pushes us to conquer our dreams. It represents how all our perseverance and benevolence do not get wasted and as long as there is humanity there is hope that we will survive anything.



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2020 - Fall - Issue 11