Is there really a middle ground?

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 30, 2020

What possibly be the better option, being an introvert or an extrovert? I always say that I am an ambivert but is there such a thing? I do not intend to question the meaning of the word ambivert here. This thought has struck me several times because one cannot be inclined on both sides in this case. It gives me feelings of indecisiveness. One can be either an introvert or an extrovert. Yes, they might switch between the extremes but in my belief, one cannot hang in between.

Now in my previous statement, I am not saying that being in the middle is not possible, one can be in fact I have myself been. Alright, I’ll correct myself here “one should not hang somewhere for the matter nowhere in between these extremes.” Well, I will justify this by saying that it’s a difficult and highly exhausting place to be. If one thinks they are maintaining a balance by putting themselves out there, that is by being an ambivert, then they are fooling themselves. I belong to this tribe, to be honest. And yet another disclaimer! I don’t say this belief is true or applicable for everyone, but what I’m trying to portray are my experience and opinion. Opinions can be wrong, right? But anyway just thought of writing about this so here I am.

Let me explain. Whenever I have tried to be an ambivert it has always felt like multitasking. Want to know why? Because in the true sense I’m a person who loves his own company and it’s very difficult to find the balance between the two extremes. Every time I am in constant fear if I have said something wrong or said less or more or even it feels like I’m overdoing an extrovert character. It’s a tough job. In such a state, I am at the least of comfort, and frankly, I regret all my extrovert behavior at some point every single time. Maybe I force myself but why won’t I right? Everyone around is so active socially. Just for the record it’s not fear of missing out (FOMO) as they all say, it’s just that world around perceives people like me as boring and who wants to be boring, right?

Well that might be a little too silly a reason to digest but try thinking in this way: can a calm and quiet person have a long conversation? And what would happen if an outgoing person is set up with an introvert? They will turn impatient. Am I the only one who understands these two extremes only and thinks the middle ground is just an illusion? Well, whatever it be you believe; I must hand down for people who have found the comfort in the middle grounds. Hope people like me find peace with what they are and if not then at least discover their middle ground soon.



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