Two Illinois Tech brothers and their tutoring agency: Saverr4Angels

Mon Nov 26, 2018

Fourth-year applied mathematics student Ahmed Lodhika began his career in tutoring in 2016 when he was promoted to be the the lead math instructor at Mathnasium. Through this position, he worked with numerous elementary school-aged children to help them with their conceptual understandings. Oftentimes, he would accomplish this through fun games and innovative worksheets, as opposed to more traditional study methods and practice. It was in this position and the work he did that Lodhika realized he saw a passion within himself for conveying mathematical concepts in more innovative and compelling ways that can engage the fleeting attention spans of younger students.

In the years since this realization, Lodhika has gone on to create his own private tutoring agency, Saverr4Angels, with the help of his brother, Ahsan Lodhika (a third-year Co-Terminal business student at Illinois Tech). Saverr4Angels works in one-on-one tutoring arrangements for students in virtually all math subjects, especially algebra, pre-calculus, statistics, and geometry. The brothers explained to TechNews how the goal of Saverr4Angels is not just to help students pass a specific exam or class but to “impact the rest of their academic career by giving them the tools to succeed.”

In explaining the agency’s name, TechNews was told by Ahmed Lodhika that “it’s because my students are (for the most part) angels, and I have the awesome role of being their saver from their academic struggles.” Currently, the brothers’ agency serves students across most of the Northwestern Chicago suburbs, including Deerfield, Evanston, Glenview, Northbrook, Park Ridge, Skokie, and Wilmette. Students will meet with Ahmed Lodhika either in-person in a predetermined location (whether it be the student’s home or a public café) or over video call.

In his approach to tutoring, he applies many of the creative methods he employed at Mathnasium, such as analogies and imaginative examples. He explained to TechNews how “the analogies make the ideas more connected and concrete in the student's brain, which means they will understand it more deeply.” He went on to explain how he tries to employ methods that invoke emotional responses from his students, as he believes that “since strong emotions create strong memories, my students are more likely to remember the material we discussed.”

Currently, the brothers have strong visions of the agency becoming “the worldwide provider of a much more efficient and personalized educational system” through the incorporation of various entrepreneurial skills and techniques. Saverr4Angels has a number of ongoing promotional programs in place. The first one is a $23 referral program where any individuals that refer a student to the agency and have that student become a regular client are eligible to receive a $23 cash incentive just for being a referral. In addition, Illinois Tech students in need of help in calculus or statistics can receive a special 40% off rate on tutoring services and pay $30 per session instead of the usual $50 per session.

Business inquiries and referrals can be made via phone at 847-532-2369. The brothers can also be reached via email at [email protected]


Image courtesy of Ahmed Lodhika (He/him)



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