Surprising findings: "Unfinished" by Priyanka Chopra

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Mon Mar 01, 2021

"Unfinished" is the latest book by Priyanka Chopra [Jonas], released on February 9, 2021. It is filled with funny anecdotes, sad stories, and new details about her career and life. The book describes the upbringing of the 38-year-old actress in India and abroad, and her rise to stardom. While Chopra has already spoken about the several accomplishments in her life, she becomes even more vocal and exposed in "Unfinished." In her book, she mentioned 11 of the most shocking moments of her life.

1) Chopra felt lost because her parents wanted her to go to boarding school at age seven.

2) Chopra hid her boyfriend in her wardrobe at the age of 14 to escape being noticed by her aunt with whom she lived in the U.S. at that time.

3) At one stage, Chopra’s ambition was to pursue aeronautical engineering at an Australian college.

4) When Chopra stepped out and approached Van Gogh's iconic painting 'Starry Night', she was expelled from the Museum of Modern Art as a teenager.

5) When a guy chased her home from tutoring, hopped their fence, and crawled to the railing of the balcony of her  bedroom, her dad had hardened iron bars mounted on the windows and entrance doors of her building.

6) At the Miss World 2000 contest, Chopra had a “wild tuft of hair floating down over her left eye” because of a large curling accident.

7) Chopra’s famous signature namaste pose that she often does on red carpet events has its origin from the Miss World 2000 event to avoid her strapless maxi dress from falling to the ground.

8) Trying to promote skin whitening creams has been one of her greatest failures in Chopra’s career and remains one of the deepest regrets ever for her.

9) Three years after her father died, Chopra fell into “some kind of depression."

10) When Nick Jonas first took Chopra’s mom out for a brunch without her, she sent out the leader of her security staff to check on Jonas.

11) A chunk of wood poking out of the toilet floor stabbed her feet a day before her marriage.



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