The unusual bond with my first pet

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Mon Nov 30, 2020

Content warning: animal death

We all love pets, well at least we love playing with them, caressing them affectionately. There are diverse pet lovers such as dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, horses, chickens, etc. Two years ago back home, I got an unusual pet from a friend. It was a parrot. It was just four months old and it was brought up at home so it rarely flies, just like the macaw from the movie "Rio." The bird I had was a pale yellow parrot with red spots on her neck. She was a cute little girl who was very shy. I named her Rosy since she was very tender and beautiful like a rose. Since she was not a bird in a cage, it was a wonderful chance for me to actually become friends with her. Unlike dogs, there's no specific way to become friends with them. So I made additional efforts to take care of her to gain her trust. She always stayed at a corner of my desk and gazes through the window. Whenever I try to reach her she nibbles me with her cute harmless beak and stares at me. I kept a variety of bird food in front of her and made a small pool for her to chill. She hardly ate anything for the first two days. But she gradually got accustomed to the place and started eating. I learned online that the first step in becoming close is making her climb your hands. So I usually placed a handful of bird food in one hand and placed my other hand for her to hop on. After many failed attempts she finally climbed my hand after three days. It was a magical moment, I was actually holding a bird for the first time. I called my whole family to show I made a new friend. Gradually she became comfortable around me. She used to hop on to my hand with more ease and always stared at me with love. It was a new special bond we both shared. Love is even better when you don't communicate it through words. I had pet dogs and cats before but this was entirely a different experience. Rosy was a fragile girl, she was not born to be a pet. Yet she became my pet. I have done so many crazy things to play with her. I slowly started caressing her and she didn't bite me this time. She loved being caressed and she gently leaned to the side of my hand asking for more. Next was to make her climb my shoulder. After five to six attempts she finally climbed at my shoulder. I still remember the first time she stroked her chin against mine and kept nibbling my cheeks. I consider them as kisses. 

I loved her with all my heart. The entire day I used to have her on my shoulder. I used to show her videos of other birds, I used to read books to her. We used to watch "Tom and Jerry" episodes together specifically the one with the duck in it. We were the best partners and every morning she used to climb on to me. I loved bathing her and gently drying her with a cotton cloth. Two weeks passed by and everything was so perfect. Suddenly Rosy became so dull, she didn't eat much and she didn't move around often. She used to lie on my shoulder and didn't play much. I was really worried, it was my first time having a pet ever, and I didn't know what to do. Birds unlike dogs don't express much. I knew she was sick and I took her to the vet. The vet said the food didn't agree with her and gave a medical tonic asking to feed drops of it. I fed her that evening and everything seemed normal. 

We both went to sleep and suddenly I heard a feeble shriek sound. Immediately I got up and looked at her struggling with tormenting pain. I didn't know what to do, I tried calling several vets and searched online but there was no help. I held her in my hands praying to all the gods to make it stop. I could have easily traded my life for hers, I felt more pain than she felt. I just wanted it to stop. I screamed for help. It was past midnight and my parents woke up in the noise I made. I tried pressing her belly, gave CPR, patted her wishing anything could stop her suffering. But after a few minutes of struggle, she stopped moving. I sincerely thought she was fine and she was just unconscious, but she never woke up. I watched her for more than 12 hours praying she would get up but my parents tried to bring me to reality that she was dead. I still couldn't believe she was gone and wish every single day I could get her back. I didn't have the strength to see her buried and let my dad do it. I kept her in my hands, held her close to my chest, wrapping her in her favorite blanket and wishing she would wake up any moment and I would take better care of her. I would never leave her. But she never woke up. It was the last I saw of her and I don't think I can ever own ever again.

Today is the second anniversary of holding her close to my heart for the first time. I wanted to share this memory with you all. To all the pet owners out there, I am not sure how you handled the loss. If I could make a wish, I would ask for all the pets to live the same as humans.



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2020 - Fall - Issue 11