Use of technology to cure drug addiction

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Mon Mar 06, 2023

Psychological dependence on a harmful substance develops over time into a drug or alcohol addiction. Even if it puts them or others in harm, the addicted individual will continue their habits. Even when they seek assistance, those who abuse these substances find it challenging to separate themselves from their way of life. Doctors and therapists have begun researching technology to give their patients and clients more options as a result of these difficulties. Already, technology has made many parts of daily living easier. Technology is enhancing people's lives more than ever, from virtual reality concerts to stronger prosthetic limbs for amputees.

These developments, notably in the healthcare industry, include the ability to telecommute to doctor visits and socialize with other addicts. These five applications support people who are recovering in their daily lives. The Sober Grid app is for anyone who has been clean for any length of time or is attempting to do so. It functions essentially as a social networking platform. You may establish connections with people going through a similar experience, form a support network, and monitor your daily health. One critic claims, "The news feed's substance is really beneficial to our rehabilitation.

To combat addiction on several levels, they employ medicine and cognitive behavioral treatment, or CBT. BioCare is on our list because they believe in a constant supporting atmosphere and offer an app to support all addicts on their journey to sobriety. Little to no disturbances to daily living is caused by the program, which is also discrete. Addiction is different for each person since each person is unique. A less intensive program to cut back on or stop drinking is offered by the group Ria Health for addicts who aren't in too poor of shape and would like to continue. The goal of the entire program is to help you develop a better relationship with alcohol. Then, you can work with your own personal care team to develop a plan that suits your requirements. 

The Work it Health recovery app features CBT, motivational interviewing, craving logs, fitness guidance, and web-based assistance. Board-certified medical professionals are constantly on call through Work it Health, directly on your phone. Their approach to getting you back on your feet is unique because it mixes elements of a mobile support system with rigorous counseling and medication. While having a cost, this product is more affordable than other copays and offers a free trial. You'd naturally assume they had a lot of programs with a program this comprehensive and with so many doctors available, which they do.

Five distinct programs are available through Work it Health: Moderate or Stop Drinking, Online Counseling, For Employers, and For Providers. The first two give options based on the level of addiction, whilst the latter two provide programs to those who aren't addicted, allowing them to either form a partnership or stop addiction before it starts. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 54.1% of addicts are under the age of 18. Although this figure has no silver lining, the age range does give medical professionals and therapists a better method to assist. One of the best methods to connect with the "generation of technology" in crisis is through their smartphones.

It is not unexpected that there is a strong association between technology and drug use. Almost every element of the normal person's life is impacted by technology and the internet, especially for younger generations. Of course, there are aspects of technology that can be harmful as well as advantageous. The smartphone user, app developer, and addict are responsible for identifying the positive aspects for themselves. The first step in helping everyone heal is to extend a helping hand to others.

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