Homemade organic vegetable soup recipe

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Mon Apr 19, 2021

This organic homemade vegetable soup is nutritious, simple to prepare, and delicious. When you are using vegetable broth, it is indeed vegan! This simple vegetable soup is our go-to meal that's also rich in veggies. It's blended with a soft tomato broth and works well in any season. Use whatever fresh seasonal vegetables you have on side. This soup is so delicious that you'll want to keep a stock in the refrigerator at all occasions. It's ideal for busy days and nights and when we've binged. Here are a couple of the factors we adore this veggie soup recipe all the time:

This veggie soup is simple to prepare and delicious in taste. There are no exotic ingredients required, and everything has been reasonably priced. You will benefit your body from organic seasonal vegetables. In the early summer, use new tomatoes, and during the cold days, try tenacious squashes. It's nutritious, relaxing, and entirely vegetarian especially when you are using vegetable broth. It stays well enough and smells even better the very next day, especially designed for packing for meals or preparing ahead of time for supper the next day evening. Remaining soup can be kept in the freezer for about four to five days. You can keep it frozen for up to a month, if not longer and whenever you want to have it, just microwave it!

Let’s prepare the soup:

  1. Heat the olive oil in the pan, add cumin seeds, garlic, ground fennel seed, and bay leaves.
  2. Then add the vegetables like zucchini, tomato, celery, onions, and carrot.
  3. Then add some water and make it boil.
  4. Afterwards, turn off the flame and wait until it gets cold. Once it done then use the grinder to make a paste of it.
  5. Heat the pan again, pour that paste, then add salt, pepper, and milk cream according to the taste.
  6. Heat it for three to four minutes and add a little bit of lemon juice. Add cilantro on top of it.
  7. Take the wheat bread, make small-small crumbs, and fry it into the oil until it gets roasted.

Yummy soup is ready. You can serve this soup with breadcrumbs.



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