Vexatious social application on Windows system

TechNews Writer
Mon Mar 01, 2021

For organizations that have their inhouse platforms - like, Cisco employees using Jabber and WebEx while Microsoft employees using Skype, less issues would be faced when compared to organizations which use external platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, etc. for hosting their discussions and meetings.

With increased number of events like hackathons, online team meetings and online work-related groups, it has become a necessity of every organization to collaborate using these platforms for easier communication and managing parallel progress of every individual involved.

Once these platforms have started gaining good reputation and as people start using them more, most of these platforms start offering their application which can be directly installed on the system and would run automatically on startup (the applications keep this as default setting). This is where most of the problems start arising.

So, this is my personal experience with a discussion platform named Discord. I’m sure you would have used it at some point of time or at least heard its name – it’s gotten pretty famous lately. Initially, when I installed it, it worked perfectly fine, but issues started arising in my system once I planned to uninstall the application from my system. My system uses Windows 10 as operating system. It runs pretty fast and the battery life is also good enough, but soon after I uninstalled the application, I started facing issues with frequent battery drains, battery never charging up to 100 percent and what not. I thought this might be some issue with my hardware and tried to fix it by reading some online documentations for battery issues. Recently, I came across another issue. As soon as I used to restart my laptop, it kept showing a popup which kept asking “How would you like to open this file?” I ignored it until recently when I opened it. Guess what, it turned out to be a blank file. The operations were not affected but after the second restart, discord started showing up on my system out of nowhere. It just wouldn’t close or show settings no matter what.

The funny part is, I couldn’t find it anywhere in my apps nor in the control panel to uninstall it. I saw a folder hiding in users folder named discord, but that’s it. It didn’t stop popping up after every restart even after this folder was deleted. Then, I researched some online articles which stated similar issues where discord was using more resources of the system than required even when it was not running in background. There were multiple suggestions which I tried as well but none of them seemed to remove this hidden app, not even external uninstaller applications like “Wise program uninstaller.”

It seems that even if it is uninstalled, the installation from start was corrupted which leads to multiple hidden copies on the system and disables the user to remove the app completely from their system. The final solution which ultimately removed it was to remove the cache and registry from “run” and searching the discord folder in “%appdata%” and “%localappdata%.”



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