What is Internet of things: Where it’s heading?

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 09, 2020

The Internet of things is the concept that has transformed the traditional way of living to the high-tech lifestyle. The Internet of things is the network formed from the objects which include sensors, software, and various technologies. The Internet of things first appears in the year 2006, which described the presence of internet technology. The main motive of the Internet of things is to exchange data from one device to another over the internet. The Internet of things gives us more efficient results and helps save time as well as money. It is helpful in each industry including companies, governments, and public authorities. There are various transformations like smart homes, energy-saving, smart city all with the help of Internet of things.

The scope of the Internet of things is expected to go beyond limits. Many companies use Internet of things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning and are growing rapidly and are improving business objectives. Internet of things can use any field, consider the example, of agriculture, in agriculture it can be said that Internet of things is a combination of sensor technologies, information technology, and telecommunications. With the help of Internet of things, farmers can increase their crop production and it helps in developing the farm management information systems. The main and basic benefits which are offered by Internet of things include accessing information, cost-effectiveness, and automation which helps in time-consuming. Also, there are various disadvantages like Internet of things is not too secured as it involves internet connection, so the sharing of confidential information is not reliable. Internet of things is complex and a small loophole can affect the entire system and also as it is automatic, hence it offers fewer jobs.

As Internet of things is the new approach for developing things with the help of the internet it is used mainly in electrical and electronic devices of different sizes which are connected to the internet. In conclusion, the Internet of things is the concept that connects real-world things to the virtual world involving information technology. Also, many different technologies are required to support the future growth of the Internet of things. Whether it is a company, institute, or any field the Internet of things has done great progress. The Internet of things is applied to real-world like smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart speakers, environmental conditions monitoring, and many more. This article helps in understanding the basic idea of Internet of things and how it is applicable in the real world.



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