What’s new in IOS 16.3

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 06, 2023

Recently Apple released an update on iPhone that is IOS (iPhone Operating System) 16.3. The IOS 16.3 has a few features that I felt were interesting. 


We have a brand new wallpaper section called Unity. So, this of course is for Black History Month. So if we go into our settings and go to wallpaper and then to add new wallpaper and if we scroll down a little bit you will see we have a new section here for Unity and it says designed by black creatives and allies at Apple to honor black history and culture. And we have two different wallpapers here. We have different colors here so we could choose from to kind of customize this to look exactly how we would like it to which is pretty neat.

Security keys:

The biggest feature in iOS 16.3 is going to be the support for physical security keys to add another layer of security for our Apple ID accounts. And we can see that it has the strongest account security and replaces a Verification code now keep in mind that we need two different security keys for this to work one as a primary and one as a backup. I'm kind of surprised Apple released this so early this is such a major feature.

Advanced-Data protection:

Advanced-Data protection is now available to all users worldwide so this was limited to certain countries at first but now we are able to have Advanced Data Protection turned on no matter where we are in the world. And of course this will kind of just encrypt all of our data that was not encrypted before Apple also mentions quite a few bug fixes in this update. So we have a fix for the black lock screen bug.

Lock Screen Display:

Now that the always-on display is active, users have the option to turn off their wallpaper. This effectively leaves us with a dark screen, although we can still see the clock, widgets, and notifications. Unless, of course, we wish to use the second toggle, which disables notifications. So that when the always-on display is activated, the notifications won't appear.


The battery life for me has actually improved. And my phone battery health is at 99. So IOS 16.3 has also updated the battery life.



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