Halloween: A real treat! Why Halloween is celebrated?

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 02, 2020

Halloween is celebrated on October 31. This year Halloween is on a Saturday. Halloween was originated with the festival named Samhain in which people generally wear costumes, dress up like ghosts, and light bonfires. Earlier the evening was known as All Hallows Eve which now is known as Halloween. Halloween involves various fun activities like trick-or-treating. During this the children dress up and go from house to house, knocking on the door and asking for a treat. The phrase “Trick or Treat” is used during this activity. The “treat” can be anything but mainly it includes candy. Also, there are other traditions like haunted houses and carnivals while celebrating Halloween.

Why Halloween is celebrated? The celebration of Halloween has no significant historic reason. The Halloween history has roots in ancient and spiritual traditions which are changed according to the time. The ancients celebrated this day around the end of October or during the start of November, and this is generally between the winter solstice and autumnal equinox. The main purpose of this holiday is to celebrate the coming of the harvest season and the “dark half” of the year. The Halloween traditions today are represented by various symbols like zombies, ghosts, etc.

The Halloween traditions are widely accepted now, and in 2019 an average of $2.6 billion was spent on Halloween candy. The houses are decorated with skeletons, spider webs, and jack-o-lanterns. The jack-o-lanterns are made by a large pumpkin, and the seeds of the pumpkin and the inner flesh are removed and usually candy is placed inside the pumpkin. Nowadays people carve the pumpkin to attract the neighbors and the people who visit their house.

Halloween has become famous in the whole world and is a major holiday in the United States and a great day to dress up, eat as much candy as you want, and enjoy the spooky decorations around you. The current situation due to COVID-19 has caused many changes in all the holidays and has affected Halloween as well, as many large events have been canceled but still, to make it interesting there are many creative and safe ideas implemented. Halloween is one of the most profitable festivals of the year.



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