Will I Take a Deep-Dish Pizza to My Home Country?

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 27, 2021

Food is something that connects people and brings cultures together. Every food brings out some sort of emotion from within us. I personally do not care if it is a fancy place or a street vendor. If the food is good, the place that serves the food is good. If the food is not good, that place is terrible in my opinion, even if it is a Michelin star restaurant. Every country, every state, every city, or for that matter, every locality has its own specialty dish. 

During the summer of 2021, I chose Illinois Tech to pursue my master’s degree. That is also when I decided that once I land in Chicago, I should definitely try the exquisite and super famous deep dish pizza. Here I was in Chicago, a month past after I had arrived and not tried the one thing I was excited for (apart from starting my master's at Illinois Tech though). One fine day, my friends and I decided to go and try out the famous pizza. I pulled out my phone and searched where can I get the best deep-dish pizza in town and Giordano’s pizzeria was on the top of my search results. Trusting Google, which I later understood that I shouldn’t, we went to Giordano’s which is located at River North.

The place was crowded. Usually a restaurant that is super crowded tends to have good food (once again a wrong assumption that I had made). My expectations were already shooting through the roof. We asked for a table and had to wait for over 25 minutes just to be seated, an agreeable time for any place that serves good food. After the long wait, finally, we got a place to sit. Though we had pre-ordered, the waitress informed us that we would be getting our pizza after another 50 minutes of wait. By then, I was starting to get a bit agitated.

After waiting for another 50 minutes, which by then felt like an eternity, the humongous pizza was brought forth. It colorfully contrasted from the bright red sauce that was made from tomatoes to the charred brown crust. It was a visual treat. After clicking pictures from all possible angles, I went for my first bite from that heavy slice which had the hot molten cheese oozing out in all directions. There it was, the deep dish pizza that I wanted to try from the time I knew about it, tasting weird and not so good. It was a huge disappointment. 

Overall, I did not enjoy the super famous deep-dish pizza, maybe because our order was wrong or I had tried it at the wrong place. Later, I got some good suggestions of restaurants from a couple of kind people for authentic deep-dish pizza that I will try out soon. So coming back to if I will ever carry a deep dish pizza back to my home country, maybe if I like it at the places that I am going to try. At the end of the day, I learned two new lessons: deep-dish pizza is a nightmare for someone who constantly thinks about the calories in their food (which I do not) and never confuse google’s search engine optimized results with the best suggestion (always ask a local).



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2021 - Fall - Issue 4