Winter Break in Connecticut

TechNews Writer
Mon Jan 23, 2023

Connecticut is one of the most beautiful states in the US. It is known for its wonderful autumn foliage, the home of the first hamburger, and peaceful yet interesting neighbors of Boston and New York City. It was my first interstate trip in the States and it started with a bang! My flight was scheduled on the day after the winter storm hit Chicago city. Honestly, I didn’t see it coming. By the time I loaded my luggage from the dorm to the Uber right outside the building, I froze and almost flew away.

The flight ride was a breeze, with me snoozing my way into Connecticut. To my surprise, the weather was much better than in Chicago. After a day of settling in and enjoying homemade Indian food, I was ready to explore the city.

The very first place we visited was the “Magic of Lights” in East Hartford. It was quite a trip from our place but it’s worth every second. There were so many bright and shiny lights depicting various animatic characters of Santa, Snowman, Christmas Tree Man, The Crib and so much more.

It got even better when I saw a gigantic light structure of a T-Rex, a Raptor and a Stegosaurus. I could literally hear the inner child in me screaming with excitement to the top of her lungs. I was convinced that it was hands-down the best light show in Connecticut. Much to my surprise, “The Hebron Lions Lights in Motion “  show was equally fun and sparkly.

Like a cherry on the cake, we planned to visit the “ Connecticut Trolley Museum”. It was a cutesy little train ride on an ancient train which was almost a few centuries old. All of us were excited to see the lights, with children screaming Christmas carols and the train giving a 1820’s vibe.

Suddenly, the lights were turned off and it was pitch black for a few minutes. Everyone was whispering and worried about what was going to happen next. I honestly for a second there believed we were kidnapped in a train full of kids and once the train started and reached 150, the train would explode like the movie Speed. As I was trying to calm my crazy thoughts, two older gentlemen dressed as a Loco Pilot stepped in the coach turned on the sparkly lights and set in the mood for the ride. After all, this ain’t a suspense thriller evening rather a sweet Christmas one. The ride was pleasant but I preferred the train museum indoors, it had trains from the 17th and 18th centuries.

New Year’s Eve at the Mohegan Sun Casino is the highlight of the trip. There was electrifying music, delicious food and friendly people all around the place, what more could one ask for a pleasant evening. We ended the trip with a short visit to Our Lady of Fatima Church in Hartford.

If you happen to visit Connecticut in the near future, these are the must-visit places I personally enjoyed!



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