What's on your favorite fictional character's playlist?

TechNews Writer
Mon Mar 11, 2019

Most of my single friends are dating fictional characters. Most of my other friends who are dating someone are also crushing on fictional characters. What's the big fascination you may say? Well its simply because these characters fill the gaps in our everyday lives. They give us the false hope we all need to keep going. Everyone deserves a flirt like Augustus Waters from "The Fault in Our Stars" who gives them a free ticket to Amsterdam. Everyone needs Bunny from "YJHD" (Hindi movie) to come and make your unexpected vacation the best ever. Every girl needs a best friend like Lee Flynn from "The Kissing Booth" who has a hot elder brother like Noah Flynn. And every girl also dreams of a Mr.Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice" to come and sweep her off her feet. And sometimes you just need a Patrick Verona (from the "10 Things I Hate About You") who turns from bad to good only for you.

But have you ever wondered "what does their playlist look like?" Have you ever thought "what kind of music can they actually listen to?" Even though you imagined your life with them, have you ever even considered if they have the same music taste as you do? 

I mean we all know what kind of people they are by the end of the movie or by the end of the book. But it's mind boggling to think about the songs that they play on repeat on their iPods. Some characters come with a predefined taste in music because their writers imagine them to be that way. But what about the others?

For example, if you think about what Cher Horwitz’s (from "Clueless") playlist would look like, I would imagine it to have songs like "Love Myself" (Hailee Steinfeld), "Run The World" (Beyoncé), etc.

If you think of Tony Stark (Iron Man) I feel like his Spotify playlist would definitely have heavy metal and songs that very much align with his narcissistic nature.

And so obviously it was hard for me to even imagine one favorite fictional character of all time, let alone come up with the perfect playlist suiting their persona. 

Then again there is also the variable of unpredictability. For example, some people when you come across them, it would feel like they listen to KPop, but they are actually jazz people. Yes, that does happen. And so it might be a similar case with any of the fictional characters we imagine; I would imagine Regina George (from "Mean Girls") maybe likes listening to Lana Del Rey (just imagine that).

So all throughout the week I asked every person I came across, who their fictional character was, and what kind of music they think the character would usually listen to. I got some inconclusive answers and some extremely funny ones.

But the best part of making people think about this was their interpretation of the character they chose. For example, those with the funny answers might just be justified if the person who likes the character thinks of them that way. Whereas, if someone else said the same character they could imagine a completely different set of songs which they would relate their character with.

Which made me realize that every person has a hundred different personalities in a hundred different peoples' minds and that was my existential crisis for the week. But jokes aside, I learned something much deeper, and that is that people may have different images of you and those are only formed by how you want to show yourself to them. 




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