What does your zodiac sign actually tell you?

TechNews Writer
Mon Mar 11, 2019

Increasing by the minute is the current popularity for zodiacs posts on Instagram and tumblr. They have everything, from a variety of different clothes the signs can wear to how a sign behaves in a particular situation. What’s more is that world’s every leading magazine and newspaper has a zodiac column with daily predictions and lucky numbers and colors etc. (secretly I wished TechNews also had one!)

So, what do they actually mean? What are they trying to tell us about ourselves and are they scientifically true or not? These questions often pop into our minds while going through those posts every morning.

Let’s starts from the basics. For those of you who don’t know anything about this (don’t live under a rock) zodiac signs are specific signs assigned to a group of people who are born in the certain bracket of a particular month.

For example- people born between May 22 to June 21 fall under the sign of Gemini (go Geminis!), and so on. They try to group people of certain characteristics together. But lately such characteristics have become nothing but stereotypes. Like if you are a Taurus you required to love food more than you love yourself. I am not saying that they are 100 percent true and all Libras must act the same. No! Although from my personal experience, even if it may not seem like that at first, some characteristics are similar in such groups of people.

So basically, the posts on the internet that we all secretly or not like going through, are made from the most basic ideologies about each sign. Like for example, if you are a Scorpio, then they assume that you have a very bitter dark side to you that people may or may not know about.

However, the question remains – do they hold any truth? And what’s the proof for it?

Since the beginning these signs were based on planetary motion and astrological predictions due the movement and relative positions of the planets in the Solar System. But many people seem to believe that all that is rubbish and that the position of a big ball of gas cannot decide how I am. Nobody said that they decide how you are and what kind of person you will be. They only say that deep down you have certain characteristics which are just like people born near the time you were.

In conclusion I only want to convey that I do agree that your zodiac sign must not limit you in any way to do certain things, but if you find a person with the same sign as yours, you might never know how much you can have in common.



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