The A to Zs of mastering the first few months of the new year

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 04, 2019

A - Answer any important emails or phone calls that you have been dreading or too busy to get to.

B - Buy any important supplies that you accidentally left at home over break or have been meaning to get.

C - Calendars are very important in the new year. Tear down that old puppy themed one that’s still on your wall from before break and hang up a new one.

D - Deposit any checks or cash you may have gotten over break, or ones that you simply forgot to take to the bank in the chaos of last term ending.

E - Eat at that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try.

F - Free time is valuable time. Watch a movie and kick back while things are still relatively calm.

G - Get ahead while you can. If you feel the beginning of your term/year is slow, that means you aren’t working enough ahead to make the next weeks a bit smoother.

H - Hit the gym to keep the stress of starting school again at bay. You can work out all that home-cooked holiday food while you are at it.

I - Involve yourself in something new. Join a new club, try a new activity, or start a conversation with a professor whose work you find interesting.

J - Just take some time to breathe. We all need it.

K - Kill time by reading a good book or getting caught up on the news. You may have missed a lot over the holidays.  

L - Listen to some good music or a podcast.

M - Make time for your friends, especially if you haven’t seen them recently. Plan a small get together and order some pizza for everyone to enjoy while you share stories about the break.

N - Nap off that holiday laziness so you can be productive for the rest of the day.  

O - Organize and unpack. Now is the time to make sure everything is in its place and ensure that you won’t be searching for your hair straightener halfway thought the term because you put it somewhere random when you got back from break.

P - Plan ahead. Look through your class syllabi for important dates to mark in your planner so you don’t have to think about it later. You could even write in your due dates a day ahead if you think it will make you more on top of your work.

Q - Quit putting off those tiny tasks. Sort the recycling, throw out that food that’s gone bad, make that appointment. You will feel better afterwards.

R - Review class material from last term that you will need to know for this term.

S - Stock up on any school supplies (pencils, pens, paper, binders) that you’re low on after finals last term did you in.

T - Take a moment for yourself. Being back on campus and back to work can be overwhelming. Take a moment to regather your thoughts.

U - Unsubscribe to anything you’ve been meaning to unsubscribe to. Nobody likes those irritating emails from companies you bought one thing from 5 years ago.

V - Visit downtown! Or if not downtown, anywhere off campus will do. Get off campus while the workload isn’t quite as heavy as it will be later in the term. Just be sure to bring a coat.

W - Wash anything that needs to be washed. Clean anything that needs to be cleaned. 

X- "X" out any tasks you complete in a planner so you’re always one step ahead.

Y - Yearly or semi-yearly doctor’s checkups can be very important to one’s health. Unfortunately, many students don’t have the time once school picks up. Get a checkup if you are due for one. Get your flu shot if you haven’t.

Z - Zero in on the term ahead. Give every challenge your best shot and keep track of the accomplishments you make, even if they seem small.



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