Gym Shoe Sandwich: Unforgettable Taste of Chicago

As my departure from Chicago draws near, I find myself reminiscing about the city’s unique culinary delights. One dish that stands out in my memory is the Gym (or Jim) Shoe Sandwich.

This sandwich, a hidden gem known only to the locals of the west and south sides of Chicago, is a comforting medley of flavors packed within two buns. It’s a loaded sandwich, so you better bring your appetite. The Gym Shoe Sandwich is a hearty combination of corned and roast beef, gyro meat, onions, lettuce, cheese, mayo, gyro sauce, tomatoes, and giardiniera.

My Encounter with the Gym Shoe Sandwich

gym Shoe Sandwiches

My first encounter with this sandwich was at a restaurant named Sun Sub, located near North and Central on the west side of Chicago. The cost was roughly $10, and the order included not just the sandwich, but also a side of fries and a pop. The presentation was quintessential Chicago – they handed it to me in a brown paper bag with an RC Cola to wash it down.

Perhaps it was the late hour of my lunch, but the sandwich was absolutely amazing. The blend of flavors that you got wrapped up into one sub is crazy and it’s unlike anything that I’ve ever tasted before. It’s definitely not a health food, but don’t get me wrong, it tastes amazing.

Not only that, but it’s so fulfilling that I didn’t need to eat for pretty much the rest of the day. However, I will say that the only downside to ordering this sandwich is that my trips to the bathroom were more than unpleasant; I apologize for the imagery.

The Origin and Significance of the Gym Shoe Sandwich

The origins of the gym shoe sandwich are somewhat of a mystery. It’s such a strange concoction that the idea of someone sitting down and saying “Hey, I want to make a sandwich like this” is kind of unbelievable to me. Maybe it represents the melting pot of a city that we are, or just a version of a po boy sandwich.

Whatever the case may be, I am so grateful that this sandwich exists, and I welcome anyone to venture out to a local sandwich shop to try this sandwich because it is absolutely value for money and satisfaction.

While it may not top the list of recognizable Chicago foods like deep-dish pizza or Italian beef, the Gym Shoe Sandwich is a gem that deserves recognition. It’s a testament to the city’s culinary creativity and diversity, a symbol of the city’s unique food culture. So, if you ever find yourself in Chicago, do yourself a favor and try a Gym Shoe Sandwich. You won’t regret it.

Bottom Line

The Gym Shoe Sandwich, a unique culinary delight from the heart of Chicago, is a testament to the city’s vibrant and diverse food culture. It’s a hearty, flavorful, and fulfilling meal that offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

While it may not be as renowned as the deep-dish pizza or Italian beef, it’s a hidden gem that deserves a spot on every food lover’s bucket list. So, if you’re ever in the Windy City, make sure to venture off the beaten path and give this sandwich a try. It’s a taste of Chicago that you won’t find anywhere else.