Uncovering Alfred the Great’s Disability: A Royal Enigma Decoded

Alfred the Great

The narrative of heroes often paints them as flawless, larger-than-life figures. However, history is replete with examples of heroes who faced personal challenges, including disabilities. One such figure is Alfred the Great, the ninth-century king of Wessex. His story is a testament to the fact that greatness and disability can coexist, challenging the age-old misconceptions … Read more

Student short essay: “Life: full of challenges”

Student essay - Life full of challenges - review

Life, in its infinite wisdom and complexity, is a beautiful paradox. It is a harmonious blend of joy and sorrow, triumph and defeat, comfort and hardship. It is a journey that is not always easy, fraught with problems and challenges that test our mettle and resilience. Yet, it is in facing these challenges with courage … Read more

Armour College to Illinois Institute of Technology

Armours College

You might already know a fair bit about the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) from its reputation, but did you know about its humble beginnings? Founded on the generosity of several philanthropists, IIT stands as a testament to the power of dreams and determination. From Gunsaulus’s Vision to Armour’s Support The inception of Illinois Tech … Read more